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Ask a Working Parent: How Do I Tell My Boss That I’m Pregnant When I Just Started This Job?

Figuring out how to tell your boss you’re pregnant at new job can be nerve-wracking. You know you need to share the news, but you also don’t want to stress your manager out about your upcoming answer. Take this working parent’s advice on how to have a productive conversation with […]

50 Reasons You Might Be More Privileged Than Your Co-worker (That You’re Not Aware Of)

Privilege is a social force that’s widely impactful, yet highly misunderstood. The best work environments strive for those who have less privilege to reach success as equally as those who do not. But in order to do that, we must first know exactly what privilege looks like. Read Complete Article

4 Myths About Mentorship You Need to Stop Believing (if You Want to Get Ahead)

I know you’ve heard it before—having a mentor is good for your career. But the idea of having to ask someone to be your mentor can be intimidating. But in reality, a mentorship relationship’s easier to cultivate than you think—just ask these four people. Read Complete Article