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Writing Self-Documenting Code

Writing clear, understandable code for complex systems can be challenging. In this post, we’ll explore the concept of self-documenting code as a technique for writing clearer code.  What is self-documenting code? Self-documenting code is code that utilizes descriptive method and variable names that resemble human speech. You may understand this concept even […]

The Truth About Imposter Syndrome Among Tech Workers

As part of the ongoing narrative about gender equality in the workplace, imposter syndrome is often raised as a cause—and an effect—of discrepancies in wages and promotions between male and female employees. But new data from Hired suggests that, while imposter syndrome is certainly a common experience amongst female tech […]

Meet Techies Who Chose Government Service Instead of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley holds the justifiable allure of all things digital, but there’s one thing missing: the opportunity to improve the way government works through innovative, mission-focused solutions. Startups in the West may have once been the only option for forward-thinking tech talent, but not anymore. At Booz Allen Hamilton, computer […]