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Why These 5 Engineering Roles are Most In Demand in 2018

When it comes to recruiting for tech jobs, you only need to know one word: engineering. New data from Hired found that, while product manager salaries may be higher on average, companies want to hire more engineers than employees in any other role—by a wide margin. In fact, the top […]

Will Machine Learning Eliminate Your Job or Help You Find the Right One?

Like many other critical business functions, machine learning is slowly creeping into HR departments. The buzz of machine learning has some people thinking that it could eliminate all of our jobs, while it has others thinking it could be the next big wave of productivity. The truth is, one won’t […]

CapTech to Add 35 Tech Jobs in Chicago

captech tech jobs

CapTech a U.S.-based IT Management consulting firm has announced the opening of its new Chicago office and plans to create 35 technology jobs here in 2018. A growing local client base, as well as exceptional technical and creative consulting talent, were the catalyst for the expansion into the Chicago market. “Chicago is a hub for […]