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This Tool Comes Up With a Killer Out-of-Office Message So You Don’t Have To

Theoretically, writing an out-of-office message should be a simple and easy task. But when you’re swamped preparing for your vacation it can fall off the radar. Luckily, this free tool will write it for you so you don’t have to worry about checking this off your to-do list! Read Complete […]

Here’s Exactly What to Do When Someone Gives You Feedback You Disagree With

Knowing how to react to bad feedback is challenging. But, knowing how to respond to feedback you disagree with? Well, that’s even trickier. Should you smile and nod? Should you insist that you’re doing everything perfectly? Here’s how to react to feedback you think is totally off base. Read Complete […]

4 Myths About Mentorship You Need to Stop Believing (if You Want to Get Ahead)

I know you’ve heard it before—having a mentor is good for your career. But the idea of having to ask someone to be your mentor can be intimidating. But in reality, a mentorship relationship’s easier to cultivate than you think—just ask these four people. Read Complete Article

How to Keep Your Star Employee Motivated When You Can’t Offer a Raise or Promotion

You want to reward the high-performing employee on your team and let them know that their contributions are valued. There’s only one problem: You don’t have the resources to offer a raise or a promotion. Here’s how to reward that person in other creative and more cost-effective ways. Read Complete […]

Ask a Credible Career Coach: How Do I Job Search With a Super Vague Job Title?

The job search can always feel complicated, but especially when you have a vague job title right now. How can you find the positions that actually fit your skills—and, more importantly, how can you prove that you’re actually qualified for them? Here’s a career coach’s advice. Read Complete Article

Volunteering Helped Me Figure Out What I Was Actually Passionate About

Jennifer Bangoura spent four years in the Peace Corps doing volunteer work in Africa. The work she did helped her uncover her true passion—helping people—and she’s now a career services specialist at 2U, where she provides career development and education services to graduate students. Read Complete Article

9 (Free!) Online Classes for Managers Who Care About Diversity and Inclusion

The best work environments are often the most inclusive. They’re likely to make more money and outperform other companies where diversity isn’t a priority. If you’re a manager who cares about creating a more supportive work environment, give any one of these free online classes a try. Read Complete Article

(Another) Study Shows That Your Negative Thoughts About Open Offices Might Be Justified

These inklings we have that open offices might not make our work—or lives—better? They’re backed by research. A new study found they reduce face-to-face interactions and increase email communication. But there’s plenty you can do to make the best of what you’ve got (and downplay the worst). Read Complete Article

Ask a Real Recruiter: How Do I Answer Interview Questions With the Right Amount of Detail?

It’s tough to know exactly how to answer interview questions with the right amount of detail. Should you be offering more context? Are you boring your interviewer to tears? Read this advice from a recruiter and learn how to walk that fine line when responding to interview questions. Read Complete […]