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Job Seekers – – Keep Your Contact Info Current and Answer Your Phone

I recently wrote a post about what recruiters would like job seekers to do when they apply for a position. The list includes submitting a cover letter, researching the company, and coming to interviews prepared. But applying for a job is only one way of getting a new position. Another […]

Summary Sunday: Autopilot Doesn’t Work

Get out of autopilot mode and take control of your job search and career by learning new things! There are lots of things you need to know and do in order to successfully find a new job and manage your career. You can’t just set it and forget it. Get […]

How Recruiters Are Leveraging Facebook — And How You Can, Too

Many people think of Facebook as a purely social network where people go to post pictures of their cat, share recipes or vent about their political frustrations. However, many recruiters, hiring decision makers and influencers actively use Facebook not only to keep in touch with their friends, but also to […]