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How To Be A Leader Who Influences, Inspires, and Motivates

Corporate Leadership Trainer Beate Nimsky, 66, has no problem presenting in front of 500+ people. She is a gun for hire, utilized by Ericsson, Europcar, Bosch, Siemens and Georg Fischer Automotive and other companies wanting to positively influence their mindset and culture. As a child, however, Beate was silenced by her parents. […]

Celebrating the Women Who Made an Impact on London’s Culture

This International Women’s Day, author and tour guide Rachel Kolsky is hoping to spread awareness about extraordinary women from London. Her goal is to elevate and celebrate the impact women have had — and continue to have — on London’s streetscape, heritage and culture. Through her association with The Women’s Library, she has planned […]

Four Ways Men and Women Sleep Differently

Breaking News: This just in, folks: men and women are different. Yes, we’re having a hard time believing it ourselves. But seriously: there are actual, honest-to-goodness differences between them. What kind of differences? Well…we don’t want to get too technical, but there’s a wide variety of departments that men and […]

Bots, Bugs, and Bad Guys: How To Protect Yourself Online

Imagine this: You’re about to head off shopping.  Before you go, you gather up all your personal information and visibly pin it to your clothing.  Yes, that’s far fetched.  But that’s essentially what you’re doing if you shop, browse, engage in social media, or do personal business online. “Every wireless […]

Two Must-Have Leadership Skills

There have been countless volumes written on leadership.  Some are mechanical how-to guides.  Some present broad view philosophies on all that it means to be a good leader.  And more than a few have made it to the best-seller lists.  But what if you were to put them all in […]

Top Three Tips For Future Women Leaders

My business, Remodista, is focused on disruptors in the retail industry through a collaborative lens. Implementing community as my business model has allowed for us to look at companies who are trendsetters and how others can stay ahead of the curve. Through that I was able to connect with executive […]