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6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

What do marriage, launching a start-up company, and managing a growing business have in common? They all require expert problem solving skills at a moment’s notice. Nobody has the perfect marriage. All couples will disagree or run into unexpected situations at some point during their relationship. This may involve financial […]

How to Defend Against Five Emotional Vampires At Work

Emotional vampires wear many different disguises — from workplace bullies to needy relatives to poor-me complainers. Intentionally or not, these people can make us feel depressed, overwhelmed, defensive, wiped out and angry.  Without effective self-defense strategies to keep them at bay, victims of emotional vampires sometimes develop unhealthy behaviors and […]

Working Anyway: On Physical Challenges – Reflections from a Retiree

Chances are, right now you are in pretty good health, and maybe aging or physical difficulties are something you think may not happen until decades from now… and I truly hope this is the case.  But most women are working on into their early seventies and further, in order to […]

High-Functioning Depression – What it is and How it Looks

High-Functioning Depression is a form of the illness that is not intense enough to noticeably affect the ability to perform daily responsibilities such as work and domestic duties but can persist for years, leading to more functional impairment over time than acute episodes of major depression. What does it feel like to […]