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7 Ways To Avoid a Pay Cut During a Salary Negotiation

If you’ve ever found yourself in the throes of a salary negotiation, you’ve probably heard this dreaded question… “Will you take a pay cut?” Depending on the scenario, there are a few tactics you can try: 1. Avoid tying your (potential) acceptance of a pay cut to your expenses (you […]

6 Questions You Must Ask During A Salary Negotiation

Negotiating your salary can be intimidating. You’re not alone if you feel reticent to challenge your initial offer. According to studies by Glassdoor, men are more likely to negotiate salary than women. But studies show this “negotiation gap” disappears when information about other job applicants’ negotiation experience is public information. […]

How to Negotiate a Job Offer from Amazon

Amazon salary negotiation is unique because they use a one-of-a-kind structure for their compensation packages, and they are very focused on both attracting and retaining top talent for a long time. The key question to ask about an Amazon job offer is “How much can this offer be improved through negotiation?” In […]