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What to Do About a Pay Gap at Your Workplace

It happens all the time. Someone who has just been hired, or hasn’t worked for a company for very long, makes more money than someone who has been there for many years and proven themselves to be a valuable employee. For instance, there are many instances where a male is […]

Glassdoor Study Reveals Which College Majors Lead to the Largest Gender Pay Gaps

Education is often touted as the key to overcoming inequity. And on the surface, it makes sense — in order to enter into the highest-paying jobs, you often need technical, highly specialized degrees, which have traditionally been male-dominated. However, Glassdoor’s 2017 economic study reveals that even within the same major, […]

6 Key Ways to Eliminate Salary Negotiation Anxiety

Salary negotiation doesn’t have to feel uncertain or intimidating. As long as you’ve done research to learn a realistic salary range to ask for and have a plan in place for navigating the negotiation, there’s nothing to worry about. In our new eBook “How to Negotiate Your Salary” we offer […]

Don’t Blow It: How to Handle a Salary Counter Offer

You’re in the home stretch. You have an offer on the table from a potential employer (or even your current employer) and you are at a three-way crossroads between accepting an offer, declining or submitting a counteroffer. Anxiety builds, doubt may creep in, and palms get sweaty. “Just don’t blow […]