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6 Ways to Hack Your Resume and Get a Better Job — Without an Advanced Degree

Building the career you want takes constant improvement, whether you’re hoping to advance within your field or transition to another industry. One path to build your desired credentials? Returning to college to earn an additional degree. While an advanced degree can open the door to more career opportunities, it comes at a […]

Resume Accomplishments: A Resume Writer’s Take on Standing Out

As a resume writer, I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of resume accomplishments throughout your job search. Accomplishments are the most potent element to set yourself apart in writing. It’s that simple. And they’re also very useful during job interviews. Most resumes are filled with roles and […]

4 Types of Awful Resumes That Squelch Your Interview Prospects

  Awful resumes really fluster me. I feel pain when I see a bad resume, and that pain grows when I learn how someone has been suffering in their job search. I am going to share with you four bad resume types I saw recently… let me know if any […]

What the Perfect Administrative Assistant Resume Looks Like

Administrative assistants organize and manage order at the office. Working time is always optimized thanks to them and meetings take place flawlessly. You might have heard that they earn a pretty good salary and can sometimes advance to become assistant managers or even HR or marketing specialists. According to Payscale, administrative assistants earn […]

Resume Writing Tips for Career Growth and Advancement

Writing a resume for career growth and advancement requires a different approach than simply writing a resume for a similar position or horizontal move. Showing the employer the tangible benefits you’ve delivered becomes increasingly more important as you position yourself for growth either within your company or outside of it. […]