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Why Your Executive Resume Template From 20 Years Ago Is Getting Ignored

Ah, the 90s. The era of answering machines, computer monitors that took up all of our desk space, and awkward paper maps. It was also the era of resume readers who may have spent a bit more time perusing your printed resume as their fingers admired your fine paper choice. […]

Executive Resume Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

The best executive resume writers have seen hundreds of resumes and know exactly what the most common mistakes are. As obvious as some of these mistakes are, it’s easy to make them when you’re focused so much on the details and ensuring you’re making the right impression. This also highlights […]

[Infographic]127 Resume Writing Tips

Ever wish you had a comprehensive resource for resume writing tips? How about one broken down into each individual resume section? Even better, right? Based on our popular comprehensive resume writing tips article we developed this infographic which offers resume tips for each section of your resume – from your […]

How to Take Your Executive Resume Summary to the Next Level

Everyone has their own opinions about what part of a resume is the most important. The truth is you don’t really know which part is most important, since every hiring manager is different when it comes to what they prefer to see. One component the top resume writing services always […]

Executive Resumes: Avoid the Jack of all Trades Dilemma

Seasoned executives with 20+ years of experience across various industries and functions frequently face the dilemma of having done way more in their career than you can sensibly present on a 2- or 3-page resume. So, what to do? Obviously, you must filter, tweak, summarize, and ideally, laser-focus in on […]