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Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting -Tips for Preparing a Resume for AI and Humans

Have you ever put together a resume you felt was pretty impressive but never got a response from the potential employer? Or worse, you received an electronic rejection letter? Well it might just be that the response you received was from a machine rather than a person. Artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Write the Best Resume Possible

Writing a resume should be easy. After all, you’re writing about yourself, and what subject do you know better than that? While you might know all the facts, it can be tough to put them in a format and in the right words that convey what you want to a […]

Three Tips to Strengthen Your Political Resume

There is perhaps more turnover in political jobs than in almost any other professional sector. If you work in politics, you might leave a job by choice to take on a better opportunity, or just a different opportunity. You might jump from a campaign staffer position to a legislative staffer […]