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5 Factors That Connect Performance and Compensation – Ask #HR Bartender

I received this comment/question a few months ago asking about the relationship between compensation and performance. It’s a common question and concern.  I’d love to hear more about the ways a company can focus on performance apart from the obvious commission-based salaries and the monthly goals to achieve. I know […]

Find and Train Your Replacement Through Succession Planning – Friday Distraction

The holiday season is behind us. That being said, this New Year’s themed Time Well Spent from our friends at Kronos shares a message we should embrace all year long. Organizations need to dedicate resources toward replacement and succession planning.  I know many companies don’t like to make this level of commitment […]

Connect and Engage with Job Candidates Using These 5 Recruiting Strategies

Organizations spend hours sourcing applicants, reviewing qualifications, interviewing candidates, and internal discussions among the recruiting team. But one of the most important steps in the recruiting process is one some companies spend very little time doing – selection. When it comes time to evaluate and select a candidate, some hiring […]