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What You Should Know About Your Sleep, Work, and Productivity

This post is sponsored by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Today’s work environment is both demanding and competitive.  So much so that it’s common, and sometimes expected, that work weeks edge into the 50 or 60 hour range.  In the U.S. the average work week is 47 hours, and […]

3 Reasons You Should Definitely Reschedule That Meeting Today

I love when meetings are canceled—after all, I could use that free hour to catch-up with my to-do list. But I do recognize the importance of meetings when they’re done right. With that being said, sometimes it’s still necessary to reschedule your meeting. Here are three of those instances. Read […]

Open Office Spaces: How to Be Productive and Effectively Collaborate

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  At Rivier University, business leaders can gain the skills and knowledge needed to influence the workplace with an online MBA. Core business concepts, such as project management, strategies of innovation and more, are covered to help graduates develop a better understanding of the industry and what’s needed for […]

How to Make the Most of Weekly One-on-Ones With Your Boss

These days, a growing number of companies are requiring that bosses and their direct reports have weekly one-on-one meetings. And while some workers — and managers — find these sit-downs to be nothing more than a glaring waste of time, for others, they’re a welcome opportunity to get some face time […]