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Running Effective Meetings: An Engineer’s Guide

If you’re the leader of a software development team, chances are good that your engineers spend more time than they’d prefer on things other than developing software. Much of this time is probably taken up by meetings; Harvard Business review reports that time spent attending meetings in the workplace has […]

This Tool Comes Up With a Killer Out-of-Office Message So You Don’t Have To

Theoretically, writing an out-of-office message should be a simple and easy task. But when you’re swamped preparing for your vacation it can fall off the radar. Luckily, this free tool will write it for you so you don’t have to worry about checking this off your to-do list! Read Complete […]

9 (Free!) Online Classes for Managers Who Care About Diversity and Inclusion

The best work environments are often the most inclusive. They’re likely to make more money and outperform other companies where diversity isn’t a priority. If you’re a manager who cares about creating a more supportive work environment, give any one of these free online classes a try. Read Complete Article

(Another) Study Shows That Your Negative Thoughts About Open Offices Might Be Justified

These inklings we have that open offices might not make our work—or lives—better? They’re backed by research. A new study found they reduce face-to-face interactions and increase email communication. But there’s plenty you can do to make the best of what you’ve got (and downplay the worst). Read Complete Article