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4 Ways You’re Wasting Time at Work Without Even Realizing It

No matter how many hours you work each day, your goal should be to make the most of that time. Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. employees aren’t maximizing that opportunity. According to data from Salary.com: 31 percent of employees waste about 30 minutes a day 31 percent of employees waste […]

Open Space Office? Survival Tips for Introverts

When Jennifer’s company converted to open space last year, her ability to concentrate plunged. She likes her tablemates; it’s just that Jennifer needs quiet and solitude to do her best thinking. Without an office door to close, she’s stressed, overwhelmed, and seriously thinking of moving on. Open Space Office or […]

Why You Need Cloud-based Document Management Solutions

Wintertime, although joyous, can be stressful. Compound this stress with winter’s ability to sully even the most determined worker’s plans to produce work and operate a business efficiently (whether due to inclement weather, planned time off, travel, or illness), and making business preparation for this time of year central to […]