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In a World Focused on The Bottom Line, Does Common Decency Pay Dividends?

Greed.  Double-dealing. Cheating.  It seems there isn’t a day that passes without news of unethical, or outright illegal, behavior on the part of “successful” companies or individuals.  Common decency doesn’t seem to be so common nowadays.  One might even ask, are there any dividends of decency? I don’t adhere to […]

How To Find Your Life Purpose To Live A Regret-Free Life

Finding your purpose and then creating a regret-free life can feel daunting to many, especially when you feel the pressure of ‘running out of time.’ At the core, we all want to know three things: That we have a purpose for being here; That our life has meaning; and that […]

The Disney Princesses Re-imagined As Ms Career Girls

The Disney princesses have been a significant part of our culture since Snow White made her debut 80 years ago. In many ways, they have become more than just animated character in movies. They are characters that others look to as role models and for inspiration. In recent years, talented […]

The Five Unspoken Rules of Today’s Workplace

We live in unprecedented times, especially when it comes to our careers. Technology, the economy, and globalization have created constant and rapid change. Long ago, companies banked on the fact that if our parents and grandparents had been customers, we would be too. Tradition, loyalty, and reliability were the competitive […]

Beyond the Glass Slipper Raising Girls Who Can Stand on Their Own Two Feet

Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m a business executive who’s been fortunate enough to have had a rewarding career throughout the past several years. I’ve helped build some world-class brands and companies, including IMAX and Coupons.com, and created hundreds of jobs in the process. But I’m also a dad of two […]

Five Actions to Take When You Hear, “I Don’t Trust You”

Talking about trust is tough in business. When a colleague tells you, ” I don’t trust you ” your first instinct is probably to react defensively or aggressively, and rarely with curiosity and an openness to understand. You take “I don’t trust you” as an attack on your character and […]

Shut Down Your Screen: Take a  Break From Social Media

Feeling overwhelmed by your constant social media feeds? You’re not alone. More and more people are looking for a break from the distractions of being continuously connected. Whether it’s Cute Kittens on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, or updates on LinkedIn or Twitter, sometimes you just want to get away. Why […]

So You Want to Start Your Own Business?

Historically, rates of female entrepreneurship have always lagged behind those of men. As society develops, a long overdue mindset of openness has gained popularity. In turn, there has been a dramatic increase in women’s entrepreneurship in the last few years. In the United States, not only do women own 11.3 […]

How a Failed Ice Cream Shop Turned Me into a Thriller Writer

In 2004, my dream of becoming a published author came true. “The Journal of Mortifying Moments” was well-received and well-distributed. It was “laugh out loud funny” (that’s what Entertainment Weekly called it, not just me). I assumed, as I’m sure many first-time authors do, that I was launching a successful writing career […]

Six Persuasion Techniques Explained with Propaganda Posters

Every aspiring leader hopes to wield influence over their followers. The ability to sway others to your opinion is a useful skill in many areas, particularly in business. But persuading employees and staff to work according to your standards, goals, and values is no simple task. Today, large groups of […]

7 Reasons Millennials Love Their Side Hustles More Than Their Jobs

More and more millennials are starting to maintain a side hustle (a second job outside of their regular, full-time jobs).This increase of young people choosing to work over 40 hours a week is often attributed to lower wages, student loan debts, and other financial issues that millennials struggle with. However, […]

How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

The concept of work-life balance has become increasingly popular in recent years, and according to medical research, the idea should be taken more seriously than a passing fad. For better or worse, becoming a successful business owner often requires juggling the business operations and your personal matters daily. Benefits of Maintaining […]

7 Reasons The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Soul Is Travel

Does wanderlust call and you don’t answer because you’re too busy? It’s funny how your excuse to not travel is “life,” but you fail to experience life by remaining stuck and feeling trapped. How do you know what you want and need from life if you don’t live it? The […]