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Trying to Fly with a Boss Determined to Clip Your Wings

We’ve all encountered people whose heads are so big they barely fit through the door. They misrepresent themselves to achieve their status, then contrive to make everyone else their underlings. Their grandiose visions for the company are unrealistic, if not absurd, but they demean anyone who offers an opposing idea. […]

Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

People may assume that you’re living the absolute dream working from home, but the reality of the job can become a bit of a nightmare for those who struggle to stay motivated. Unlike working in a co-working environment with the boss lurking around, finding the drive to work independently and […]

Three Women Who Have Made Major Career Strides After 30

These three women have made major career strides after 30.  They’re crushing stereotypes in life and in their careers and showing the fashion world that age really is nothing but a number. Society tells us that women by the time they hit 30 should be married with kids, and stable in […]

The 5 Most Important College-to-Career Transitions to Conquer

When you toss your cap at graduation, you feel a surge of empowerment that real life is finally beginning. When you’re young, milestones come close together, and that reflects how you measure the course of your life. The transition from college to career opens the great expanse of the rest […]

Four Powerful Questions You Can Start Asking Today

Do you ask powerful questions? Or do your questions allow meaningless, trivial answers? A good question encourages people to think before answering, and to give more detailed information. It can allow deeper levels of understanding about a person, topic, or situation. The right question brings out new insights and highlights […]

Everything I Learned About Leadership I Learned From My Mother

My Mum is quite petite, gentle, and very Scottish. No drill sergeant or business card that read Household CEO, she was way more than just a mother. She was my first leader. I realize from my earliest days until today, almost every leadership lesson I needed to learn she taught […]

Empathetic Leadership: How to Improve Your Business Performance

Some people consider leadership to be an overestimated skill, but it’s really one of the key success drivers in the business. According to one study, over 80% of organizations claim it is important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% actually achieve this goal. Part of the problem […]

The Art of the Interview – Three Ways to Nail Your Interview

In every interview, as we strive to share our authentic self, there is an element of a star performance. The essentials of preparing for the interview, including professionalism, enthusiasm, and dressing the part, are key factors that will directly impact your overall impression and interview success. While the list is […]

Five Reasons Women Tend to Make Better Bosses than Men  

Generalisations can be dangerous in the world of work, and stereotyping by gender particularly so.  That said, research carried out over the past few years has regularly reached the conclusion that women make better bosses than their male counterparts.  So what makes women better in leading roles?  Here are just […]