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This Is How to Build Your Professional Network From Your Phone

You don’t have to be an introvert to dread networking events. Initiating conversations with total strangers can feel a bit like going on a blind date — the results could be magical, or painfully awkward. Though networking in person doesn’t have to be a nightmare, it can still be difficult […]

Summary Sunday: Information You Need For A Winning Job Search

There is a lot of information out there to help you with your job search, but will it work for you? One thing’s for sure, everyone has opinions about what you should do to find a job. Hopefully, you’ll find new ideas to create a winning job search!  This week’s […]

7 Questions To See If You’re Prepared for Executive Job Search

Are you executive job search-ready? I guess no one is really ready for executive job search until they’re forced into it, but I’ve found that many new job seekers dive in before understanding how today’s executive job search works . . . causing missteps and possibly prolonging the search process […]

The First Month is Critical for Any New Executive Job

You’ve worked so hard on your job search to find a perfect fit for your career and it’s finally paid off. Now that you’re at your new job, what are you supposed to do? Depending on the nature of the job, you may be thrown right into the fire and […]

Why You Need to Stop Asking “Can I Pick Your Brain?”

You think it’s a simple, innocuous question. After all, “can I pick your brain?” doesn’t seem to be harmful or annoying in any major way. But several CEOs and senior executives who we spoke to hate this question; it’s self-serving, wastes time and isn’t reciprocal, they say. As Connie Chi, […]

5 Tips for Professional Networking

Everyone has heard about the importance of networking, and it’s no secret the most successful executives generally have a large network. The more you network, the more you’ll be able to boost your executive profile and earn yourself a great reputation within your industry and beyond. Contrary to popular belief, […]

Why Face-To-Face Networking is Still Important

Why, in an age of social media, is face-to-face networking still important? It’s not a good business strategy to forego face-to-face networking, event if you’re doing a good job digitally connecting with people and here’s why. Networking:  A True Story While I was in Stockholm giving a presentation on networking, […]