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Does Social Media Belong on Your Resume?

Almost everyone has at least one social media account today. So since social media is such a big part of life and business, doesn’t it make sense to include your accounts on your resume? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Certain social media platforms are perfect for […]

3 Polite Ways to End That Networking Conversation (That Don’t Involve Obvious Excuses)

There’s so much talk about how to start a networking conversation, but not a lot of advice on how to end one. If you’re tired of the awkward goodbyes and the fake excuses to escape that discussion, here are three better ways to end that networking exchange—and still make a […]

Ask a Credible Career Coach: How Can I Turn Down a Job When Somebody Gave Me an “In”?

Turning down a job? That’s tough. Turning down a job you were referred for? That’s even more brutal. Rejecting that offer without majorly burning a bridge feels impossible. Fortunately, it’s actually not. Here’s a career coach’s advice on how to turn down that offer with your relationship intact. Read Complete […]

8 Quick yet Effective Hacks for your LinkedIn Job Search

Thanks to Abhyank Srinet for another great post, this time, focused on your LinkedIn Job Search. – Coach Wolfgang A LinkedIn profile is the gateway to professional success especially if you are just starting out. With opportunities like interacting with top experts in the industry and following their work and […]

How Being Coy Can Be Costly to Your Career

Whether you are entry level or c-level, being the CEO of your career will put you in the driver’s seat letting you navigate your career trajectory, on your own terms. Here is why it’s important to take the reins of your own career today, especially inside your current company. This […]

This Simple Exercise Will Help You Make Better First Impressions

Like it or not, the world’s built on first impressions. And making a good first impression is all about being self-aware. We came up with a great exercise in our book, Superconnector, that’ll help you become more self-aware and able to recognize your social strengths and weaknesses. Read Complete Article

Why You Should Stop Worrying About the ATS-Friendliness of Your Resume

If you’ve ever gotten career advice from a professional resume writer, career counselor, or through your own research about optimizing your resume, chances are you have heard about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how they can derail your job search efforts. You’ve heard that companies screen candidates through these systems, […]

Networking Tips: How to Make Real Connections

Networking Tips: Find Your Own Style Eye Contact: Check! Firm Handshake: Check! Good Listening: Check! Conversation starter: Check Ask good questions: Check! All the above networking tips can be found in virtually any book, website, article, social media post, or video about networking. The truth is, those things are important. […]

How to Use Personal Branding to Your Advantage

Every executive has heard and knows about the importance of c-level personal branding. With all else being equal when it comes to experience and expertise, it is a person’s personal brand that sets them apart from the rest. Whether you’re actively seeking a new job or if you’re interested in […]