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Managers: This Is When Your Constructive Criticism Is Needed (and When It’s Not)

You know that giving your employees feedback is crucial to being a good manager. But where and when you give it is just as important as your feedback itself. Here’s how to know when you should give positive encouragement or constructive criticism one-on-one—or not at all. Read Complete Article

How to Protect Your Team from Bullies & Bad Actors in Leadership

Too many professionals find themselves in the orbit of a challenging leader: the diva president, the bully executive director, the “handsy” founder. Usually these bad actors have great qualities too: She’s beloved by alumnae. He’s a stellar fundraiser. He built this business from the ground up. Standout capabilities earned them […]

3 Ways Managers Can Empower Team Members With Mental Health Struggles

The stigma of mental illness never made much sense to Ben Congleton, CEO of live-chat software maker Olark. He’d grown up with kids whose lives improved after they received treatment for their illnesses. He knows one in five U.S. adults experiences mental illness in a given year. He’s always understood […]