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Note to Recruiters on LinkedIn: What, Why, and How for Job Seekers

Job searching isn’t just about responding to job postings or attending networking events. Recruiters are looking online for the perfect people to fill vacant jobs– people that may or may not be job searching for openings that might not be posted publicly. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates, […]

Job Seeker’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter Search

Replying to a job listing isn’t the only way to find a job. Recruiters for companies large and small are constantly looking for the right people to improve their teams, whether or not those people are job searching. This happens on LinkedIn more than anywhere else, meaning one of the […]

6 reasons to use Facebook; 6 reasons to use LinkedIn

I hypothesis that people who get too personal on LinkedIn, aren’t on Facebook or haven’t embraced its purpose. If you are one of these people, I ask you to visualize this overstated analogy: being on LinkedIn is akin to attending a professional networking event; whereas being on Facebook is similar […]

FREE EBOOK – 101+ Top Holiday Job Search Tips from the Experts

Are you seriously looking for a new job, but figure you can put aside your job search until after the holidays, because it’s not a good time to land a job? You’re wrong. The holidays are one of the BEST times to land a job, or make strides toward landing […]

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Manage Your Career

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram go everywhere we go. We’re always connected. Why not use social media to help you manage your career! No matter where you are in your work life: recent college graduate, mid-career or closing in on retirement, “there is an app for that” as the saying goes. Social media […]