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Between Jobs? Freelance to Earn Cash & Gain Experience

“So how’s your job search going?” Well-meaning friends, family members and distant acquaintances never fail to ask this dreaded question. And it stings, whether you’re in week one or month six of sending out resumes and hustling for interviews. Sometimes the process of finding your dream job takes longer than […]

The Best Job Search Advice from Top CEOs at GM, 23andMe, Hilton & More

There’s no doubt about it: the job search is tough. You have to spend time and energy revamping your resume, writing cover letters and practicing for interviews, and even then, you’re not guaranteed a position. The good news, though, is that you get a little bit savvier at every step. […]

“There’s a Higher Purpose to What We Do”: Boston Scientific CEO on Bringing Passion …

Boston Scientific CEO Michael F. Mahoney always knew he was destined to enter the healthcare field. “I was inspired by my grandpa who was a pediatric cardiac surgeon. I grew up admiring how he helped so many children,” Mahoney shared. “I remember sneaking into his library when I was a […]

Want to Work From Home? Discover 15 States With the Most Remote Jobs

Working remotely is a dream that’s become a reality for an increasing number of employees. In 2016, 43 percent of American employees worked remotely at least some of the time, according to Gallup. When looking for remote jobs, however, you may be surprised to find many companies that allow remote work still […]

CenturyLink to hire 150 employees in Monroe Louisiana

CenturyLink, Inc. today announced it will open a new outbound sales center in Monroe staffed by 150 employees to serve small business customers in the U.S. This new center, which will be located in the company’s Forsythe Avenue location, shows CenturyLink’s continued investment in the northeastern Louisiana economy and supports its objective of bringing new […]