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How To Revamp Your Job Search For The New Year

If you’re like 68% of Americans, you’ve probably made a New Year’s Resolution this year. For 42% of women, making a New Year’s Resolution is a promise to save more money in the new year.  If you’re one of those women, saving more money may be changing your spending habits, […]

Resumes: Not Just for When You’re Unemployed

A well-crafted resume is indispensable, even when you’re not unemployed. A resume is a living, breathing document you can turn to at a moment’s notice for all manner of guidance. These career historians and bridge-builders can synthesize your professional and personal life in ways you might not have considered. They […]

2019 The Year of The Software Engineer

It’s no doubt 2019 will be The Year of the Software Engineer. With trends in 2018 such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cyber Security dominating the latest technologies, the world of engineering has augmented into a self-propelling community of learners looking to widen their craft.  “40% of engineers leave their job […]

How to Make a Career Pivot & Get The Job You Deserve

Although it would make life so much easier to have one of those fabled dream jobs you’ve known about your whole life, and eventually move through with joy, most people’s career paths aren’t so linear. In her book, Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot — And Relaunch Their Careers, writer […]

Popular Companies Using AI to Interview & Hire You

There are many powerful examples of how artificial intelligence, or AI, has positively impacted the world in recent years. From Siri to Alexa, self-driving vehicles to targeted advertisements, it’s hard to find an industry or element of daily life that has not been influenced by AI. In fact, today it […]

Top Companies Hiring Information Technology Pros

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology employment is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for these jobs will only rise with the increasing emphasis on big data, information security and cloud computing. Therefore, […]

4 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Your 2019 Job Search

Most people looking for a job put it on hold in December. That’s generally because hiring slows down during the holiday season as people take vacations and lose time to seasonal events, and companies do other year-end activities like budgeting and employee evaluations. December may not be when you’ll land a lot […]