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Career Coach Tools: 5 Career Specialists Share Their Favorites

Jobscan has launched Jobscan Coach, a platform that helps employment specialists manage their clients as they guide them to an optimized resume with Jobscan. Check out some of the features in the Jobscan Coach tutorial. Career coaches serve as a lifeline for anyone unhappy in their work or struggling to gain traction […]

The Power of Pull Marketing

In Part 1 of this 3-part blog and video series, Ford R. Myers, Award-Winning Career Coach and Author, discusses how “pull marketing” helps you achieve your career potential. Read more » The post The Power of Pull Marketing appeared first on Career Potential Career Coach Philadelphia. Read Complete Article

Does Social Media Belong on Your Resume?

Almost everyone has at least one social media account today. So since social media is such a big part of life and business, doesn’t it make sense to include your accounts on your resume? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Certain social media platforms are perfect for […]

5 Tips For Staying Motivated During A FRUSTRATING Job Search

5 Tips For Staying Motivated During A FRUSTRATING Job Search Work It Daily Let’s face it: job search can be challenging, and staying motivated during a FRUSTRATING job search can seem impossible sometimes. However, it’s critical that you stay positive. Otherwise, you risk falling into a downward spiral, which will only […]

What Recruiters Look at When Stalking Your Social Media

You probably already know recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn page, but what about your other social media platforms? You know, the ones where you post pictures of your latest vacation, share what you had for dinner and occasionally tag your friends in memes. Why, you might wonder, would a recruiter […]

3 Job Search Lessons I Didn’t Learn Until I Started Interviewing Candidates

When I interviewed for my current role, I was a nervous wreck. Fast forward two years and suddenly I found myself on the other side of the table as we started the process to hire a new editor. And being in that position confirmed a few big things about succeeding […]

Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather Delays on Your Interview Day

The weather can cause havoc on any occasion, and a job interview isn’t immune to being affected. You’ve spent countless hours on your LinkedIn profile development, writing an effective resume and polishing up your cover letter only to see a blizzard or powerful storm system is rolling through your area […]

Ask an Honest HR Professional: Can I Ask a Potential Employer About Flexible Schedules?

When it comes to what you’re looking for in your next employer, flexible schedules are high on your list. But, how can you approach that topic in job interviews without seeming presumptuous or lazy? Here’s some advice to make sure you’re on the same page—while still making a positive impression. […]