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Is it OK to ask for help on LinkedIn?

Is it OK to ask for help on LinkedIn? Warning, I am about to dive into a controversial topic: asking for help on LinkedIn. Is asking for help to find a job or solve a problem OK to do on LinkedIn? I believe there is a right way and a […]

More on Soft Skills – Which Are Most Important in 2019?

We’ve written about soft skills here before. However, it’s a big topic with a lot of applications and a lot of interesting cupboards to peer into. Hard skills? Soft skills? Which are more important to employers? We’ll unpack all that in a minute, because getting a handle on those skills will […]

What You Need to Know About the Future of the Job Search

Searching for a new job and finding the right person for a role is undeniably a task within itself for job seekers and talent acquisition professionals alike. From writing a compelling resume to nailing an interview and tracking candidates to securing an offer, there’s quite a deal of heavy lifting […]

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Job Seekers to Watch in 2019

You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is such an awesome resource for job seekers looking to learn more about the job search. Many of the top career experts and strategists have channels dedicated to helping job seekers succeed. Everything from resume writing to interview questions to mastering the […]

How to Attract Recruiters on Linkedin

While most people are at least aware of LinkedIn, there’s still a large number of those who don’t really understand what it’s about and how to use it.  LinkedIn is an online social platform for working professionals.  Rather than relying solely on sending out resumes and traditional networking, you can attract […]

Tips for Getting Ready for a Job Search in 2019

A new year means new goals. For many people, career goals are on the list of things they hope to achieve in the new year. If you’re one of the people planning on making a move in 2019, there are several ways you can prepare yourself for a job search […]

Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Stone Age?

Some things simply go out of style, and your resume may be one of them. The best professional resume writers always see resumes that look like they were written 20 years ago. And if it’s clear to those professional writers, then you can guarantee it will be clear to a […]

Reasons Why Your Executive Job Search Could be Taking Longer than Expected

Many executives don’t have to look for a new job very often. So if it’s been several years since you last conducted a job search, things could have changed drastically. Visiting a professional resume writing service should be your first step, just to make sure your resume is formatted properly […]