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9 Great Companies That Hire *Really* Fast

One of the worst parts of the job hunt process is the post-interview waiting. After spending hours writing cover letters, prepping for interviews, researching companies and fine-tuning your resume, after the interview, the waiting period feels like it takes the longest. Some companies take weeks to months to notify candidates […]

Automated Phone Interviews? That Can’t Be!

Automated phone interviews are on the rise. Are you prepared to talk to a robot? Strange as it may sound, some employers are automating their interview process right down to those initial phone screening interviews. Why do they do this? The main reasons seem to be speed and efficiency. WHAT’S […]

14 Festive Strategies That Land Interviews During the Holidays

It’s common to think the holidays are not an ideal time for doing a job search or to land interviews. I hear it all the time… Your head tells you, “No one is hiring.” I am here to tell you that it is not true. This is actually the time […]

Doing Research to Ace an Interview

When you go into an interview, you probably feel pretty confident that you know your own job history and skill set. Of course, you’re nervous—everybody is—but you at least have the information about yourself at your fingertips. But what’s a way to help ease some of your nerves even more? […]

Why Job Seekers Should Consider Preparing With Mock Interviews

It’s no secret that women in the workforce, especially in tech, face a lot of challenges both in their day-to-day responsibilities and in their climbs up the leadership ladder. In competitive positions like product management, this rings especially true. The competition has created a demand for new tools and resources […]

Nothing Sells Better than Enthusiasm in the Job Interview

Job seekers are often surprised when they don’t receive a job offer after an interview. They wonder, “Why wasn’t I selected? What went wrong?” But imagine this scenario: I want to work in your company, but in my interview with you, I sit in a cowering posture and with downcast […]