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How Your Executive Resume Could Be Bringing You Down

When you’re hard at work trying to find a new job, you may think the best thing you can do is to send your resume to as many employers as possible. The reality is this could actually be hurting your chances of getting a call back, especially if your resume […]

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, Part 1 (Or How to Have your Cake and Eat it, too)

“Do you have any questions for me?” How many times have you heard that in an interview? Well, here’s the thing: if you wait until the end of the interview to ask your questions, you’ve missed the whole point. The interview meeting–just like the entire job search process–is meant to […]

Recovering from Interview Mistakes

Recovering from interview mistakes is easier than you might think, but avoiding blunders altogether is best. Still, fumbling an interview question is a mistake anyone can make. Here are some common blunders and how to to regain your footing after you make them. An Example of an Interview Answer Gone Bad […]

Do You Shine During Your Interview?

In order to shine during your interview, you want to feel in control and ready for almost anything the interviewer throws your way! Well, here’s the secret! You can learn a lot from improvisational actors. Did you know they’ve pre-planned their entire act! They know the content they’ll use, no […]

Are You Prepared for the Ultimate Previous Job Interview Question?

Preparing for a job interview can be just as intense as writing an effective resume. You’re challenged with anticipating the questions you’ll be asked in order to be prepared appropriately, but you also don’t want to sound scripted when you answer. The one question you’ll inevitably be asked will revolve […]