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Avoid These Common Phone Interview Mistakes

Landing a phone interview is often the first step in getting your foot in the door for a formal interview. However, if you don’t take the interview seriously, you may never be invited to the office for the next step. Although a phone interview generally doesn’t last more than 30 […]

Summary Sunday: What’s New and Next

Take your job search and career to the next level by learning what’s new and next. Create a more engaging pitch, assess company culture, develop your Emotional Intelligence and Adaptability Quotient, and learn about blockchain technology… And, it doesn’t stop there. Learn about some of the hottest skills and trends impacting the […]

Summary Sunday: Stay At the Top of Your Game

If you’ve had your head out of the sand (focusing on your job, your company and your industry), then it’s probably time to take notice of all the changes that have been going on around you. Now is the perfect time to start taking a proactive approach to managing your career […]

Preparing for a Successful C-Level Executive Interview

Landing a c-level executive interview is difficult enough, but the challenges aren’t over. No matter how many times you’ve been a part of one of these interviews, they are never easy. Luckily, just like you prepared for writing an effective resume, you can also successfully prepare for a c-level interview. […]

4 keys to a successful mock interview

One of my clients told me recently that the mock interview I conducted with her was the best experience she’s had preparing for interviews to date. This was after a session where I reviewed her performance with constructive criticism, at times brutal honesty. I understood my client’s sentiment, because I […]