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How to Hit Curveball Interview Questions Out of the Park

“If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?” Or how about, “What is your favorite song and can you perform it for me now?” Actual interview questions, you ask? Yep. They’ve been asked in real live interviews. Once I got, “Sell this this brick to me,” […]

Don’t Have Professional References? Here’s What to Do

Though a solid resume and strong interview might help bring you closer to landing a job, the company you’re talking with might choose to check up on you independently before extending an offer. If you’ve been in the workforce for quite some time and have compiled a long list of contacts, this won’t […]

5 Transferable Skills: From Raising Kids to The Job Interview

If You’ve Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything by Ann Crittenden was written some years ago to show that parenting skills translate to job skills. In her book, Crittenden expounds in detail on transferable skills such as: –call for multitasking and the ability to function amidst constant distractions –enhance interpersonal […]