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Ask An Interview Coach: How Do I Answer Hypothetical Interview Questions?

Hypothetical interview questions can be some of the most challenging to answer as they can vary widely, and unlike questions such as, “what is your greatest weakness,” it is difficult to prepare discrete answers in advance. However, these types of questions are important for companies that want to see how […]

One major turnoff for interviewers; lack of transparency from candidates

Three questions that snag job candidates. A conversation with my daughter in the past aroused in me emotions of both concern and relief. Two conflicting emotions you’re thinking. Yes, two conflicting emotions, but the feeling that stays with me is the feeling of relief. The feeling of relief because she was truthful about […]

Common Interview Questions and the Answers Employers Want to Hear

From the moment you walk into an interview, a recruiter or hiring manager begins evaluating whether you are the right fit for the job. Most interviews start out with questions that you have likely heard before and that you’ve come prepared to answer. However, before you go ahead and deliver […]