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Under-Qualified? Here’s How to Snag an Interview Anyway

Your dream job has finally appeared in a job search. But even though it’s right there, all but begging you to apply, you stop short of submitting your resume. Why? You’re not qualified. Whether the job posting requires years of experience you lack or a specific skill you haven’t yet […]

How to Interview Your Interviewer

You’ve scheduled the interview. You’ve printed extra copies of your resume. You’ve researched the company’s site, and maybe even researched some employees on LinkedIn. But are you really prepared? For many people, interviews are intimidating. A life-changing opportunity is based on an hour or two of answering a stranger’s questions. At the […]

How to Sell Yourself in a Video Interview, According to a Remote Worker

As an Information Technology professional for the last 14 years, I have discovered a passion for applying to 100% remote jobs. Most of these remote-friendly companies are not in my local Washington D.C. area. Therefore, the entire interview process is done via video using Skype, Google hangout or Zoom. Even […]

Ask an Interview Coach: How Can I Be More Compelling In Each Interview Round

The most competitive opportunities have multiple rounds of interviews, with 3 rounds being commonplace.  While the overarching objective throughout the process is to assess the mutual fit between job seeker and employer, each stage places a different emphasis on the traits the employer wants to analyze.  The earlier stages focus […]

How — And How Not — To Answer ‘What Did You Learn At Your Last Job?’

Interview enough people and it all becomes one big blur. But the interviews you remember years — or even decades — after the fact are memorable for carrying important lessons. I remember interviewing an applicant for a receptionist and recruiting assistant position. Candidates came in with years of experience. I […]