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Summary Sunday: Job Search Tech

If you want to gain a better understanding of job search tech (and you should), then this is for you. The more you know about how recruiters use job search tech and how you can too, the easier it will be to secure a new job! This collection of articles will give […]

Summary Sunday: Job Search Tips

These job search tips will help you improve what you’re doing during your hunt for a new job. Because we all could use a little help with our job search. I love finding and sharing articles with actionable tips to help your job search. From networking to interviewing and everything in […]

Summary Sunday: Fresh Job Search Strategies for 2018

We’re already a month into the new year, how’s your job search going? Refresh your job search and apply some new strategies. Fresh job search strategies include submitting an ATS-friendly resume, a robust LinkedIn profile, and taking a proactive approach to your job search. All these are spelled out in […]

9 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Job Search

So this is the year you are finally ready to change jobs. Congratulations! Before you dust off your resume, there are some questions you need to ask before launching your job search. But first, let me warn you about a few things. Some employers have been known to terminate employees […]

Summary Sunday: SEO and Social Media For Job Search

Personal SEO and social media will help you improve your job search. It isn’t all that difficult. This week’s roundup features help to get you up-to-speed on using SEO and social media to modernize your job search and net you better results! Of course, there are still some foundational job […]

Summary Sunday: Job Search Strategies Updated

Searching and applying for a job online may be the worst approach to job search. Are you using the latest and greatest job search strategies to propel your search?  Every week I read and share hundreds of articles related to what’s going on in the world of hiring. This summary […]