Tag: Hannah Morgan

Do You Shine During Your Interview?

In order to shine during your interview, you want to feel in control and ready for almost anything the interviewer throws your way! Well, here’s the secret! You can learn a lot from improvisational actors. Did you know they’ve pre-planned their entire act! They know the content they’ll use, no […]

Learn How To Tell Your Career Story

It isn’t enough to have a slick resume. You must be able to tell you career story in meaningful terms. But, this isn’t easy.  We’ve been hardwired to believe that a resume is THE tool to use to get a job. But, every study out there today points to employee […]

Motivation Monday: Simply Become More Visible

It’s time to take small steps and become more visible. Visual content generates conversation and keeps your name in front of your network! Create and share meme, quotes, gifs and more to stay connected with your network! Here are places to find sharable pictures or create your own! Pin ‘Em [Via: […]