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Summary Sunday: Finding A New Job Today Is Complicated

There’s more to landing your next job than swiping left or right. Finding a new job today is complicated. And while employers may be crying they can’t find the right talent, they still have the upper hand and set the rules (written and unwritten). If you plan to look for a […]

Summary Sunday: Be Indispensable

One of the secrets to your career success is learning how to be indispensable. What is it that people who seem indispensable have? Confidence? The ability to talk about outcomes? Are they fixers and doers? Can they build relationships? Are they life-long-learners? Maybe it’s a little of all of these. […]

Summary Sunday: Best Career Visuals of the Week

Some of this week’s best visuals highlight information important to your career and job search!  I’m re-sharing these visuals to drive home some important points about LinkedIn, skills needed in the future workforce and trends on independent workers and Baby Boomers in the workforce. You’ll also find the full article or report […]

Summary Sunday: Motivation and More

Who doesn’t need a dose of motivation? The summer is filled with distractions and things you would rather do than work or your job search! Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on course.    I’m guilty of being distracted and often need a good kick in the pants to get myself […]