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Everything That’d Be Different if You Stopped Believing in a Linear Career Path

“We are suffering from the *career myth*—a delusional belief in the outdated idea of linear career progression,” researchers say. What if you changed your career path definition and stopped expecting a nice, neat road to speed down toward a fixed destination with no turnoffs or alternate routes? Read Complete Article

Everything You Need to Understand About Underemployment

Are you dealing with underemployment? Maybe you have a part-time or contract role but prefer something full-time, or you less than you typically would with your education and experience, or you’re overqualified for your current position. Here are five tips to fight the damaging effects of being underemployed. Read Complete […]

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Can I Be Impressive When I Replaced a Workaholic?

You’ve started a new job, and you just found out that your predecessor was a workaholic. Now you’re worried that your boss and team members will have completely unrealistic expectations of your own working hours. Here’s how to prove you’ll still be effective—without working crazy overtime. Read Complete Article

Good News for People Who Overanalyze Everything: “Right” Decisions Don’t Exist

We all like to weigh our options carefully when making decisions. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this—the more information we have, the more likely we’re going to make a smart decision. But what is wrong is believing that this information will ultimately lead us to the “right” decision. Read Complete […]