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How to Deal When You and Your Significant Other Are Both Struggling in Your Careers

Unemployment or changing jobs or being stuck in a career rut is stressful no matter how you look at it, but when you multiply it by two, it can really take a toll on you and your relationship. Here’s how to survive this tough time and come out a stronger […]

From Food to Fintech: How I Switched Industries Within My Field

We chatted with Dina Lyon, Director of Marketing at Earnest Research, who made a switch within her field of marketing and communications, transitioning from the food and education space into fintech. Here’s her career story, and her advice for people in a similar situation. Read Complete Article

This Job Seeker’s Viral LinkedIn Video Proves Taking a Risk Pays Off

As you know, job searching can be frustrating—and we all unwind from it in different ways. Well, Page Kemna wrote a song about her job search, and it ended up blowing up on LinkedIn. Here’s how she got the idea, how people reacted, and what she’s doing now to land […]

This Will Help You Decide if You’ll Do Better at a Small Nonprofit or a Large Nonprofit

Finding a workplace where the organization’s culture feels like a fit can greatly affect your overall job satisfaction. We break down what the culture at a small versus large nonprofit means so you can find a company that’s perfect for you and your career advancement. Read Complete Article