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Ask a Credible Career Coach: Why Aren’t I Being Considered for Mid-Level Positions?

You feel like you have the right experience and qualifications, and yet you aren’t even being considered for the mid-level positions you want. Well, there are a few mistakes you might be making. Here’s a career coach’s advice on how to land level of job you really want. Read Complete […]

The Shared Economy Wants To Offer You A Flexible Job

The Shared Economy Wants To Offer You A Flexible Job What do you know about the shared economy? Maybe you’re more familiar with it being called by a different name like peer-to-peer marketplaces, on-demand services, access economy, or gig economy? Whatever you call it, the shared economy may be the […]

6 Things Every Fired Person Needs to Know About Job Searching (In Addition to Fact You’re Going to Be OK)

You were fired from your job and it feels rotten, and now you’re stress-Googling your brains out in an effort to figure out how to navigate the job search. Don’t worry, this guide will get you feeling a lot more confident about your next steps. Read Complete Article

Ask a Real Recruiter: How Can I Job Search Confidently When I’m Lacking Skills?

You know you should approach your job search with confidence. But, that can be tough to do when you feel unqualified or like you’re lacking the necessary skills or experience. Chances are, there’s more you could be doing to showcase the skills you do have. Here’s a recruiter’s advice. Read […]

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Do I Re-apply for a Position I Didn’t Get the First Time?

You’ve noticed that your dream company is hiring again—for the same position you didn’t get when you applied last time. You’re left wondering: Should you re-apply for a job with a company that previously rejected you? And, if so, what’s the best way to do it? Here’s an HR professional’s […]