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A Marketer’s Guide to Audience Engagement

Effective content is crucial for audience engagement. Companies are increasing their content marketing efforts, according to Smart Insights, creating a more competitive environment for online marketers. More than 90 percent of companies are utilizing content marketing in 2017 75 percent of companies increased their content marketing budget in 2016 43 […]

How To Be A Leader Who Influences, Inspires, and Motivates

Corporate Leadership Trainer Beate Nimsky, 66, has no problem presenting in front of 500+ people. She is a gun for hire, utilized by Ericsson, Europcar, Bosch, Siemens and Georg Fischer Automotive and other companies wanting to positively influence their mindset and culture. As a child, however, Beate was silenced by her parents. […]

How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Career Regrets

Career regrets, whether we admit it or not, are part of the American Dream and its star-spangled ethos–an inseparable entity from the careers we choose. After all, they are how we get those white picket fences encircling the beautiful, sprawling front yard lawns; the two children, and the money to […]

What is that thin line between freelancing and running your own business?

So you’ve successfully set up your freelance business. But do all businesses fall into the same basket? Or do people just arbitrarily interchange terms? The fact is that freelancing and entrepreneurship are two distinct, albeit very similar, things. Both are part of the “process to financial independence”, with freelancing being somewhere […]

Seven Tips To Step Up Your Leadership Game

Many people often think of competition as a more masculine characteristic. These days, that’s not the case anymore, especially when it comes to competition in the workplace. Women continue stepping up their games into leadership positions. Female empowerment is no longer just a term, it is now a culture. Pioneering […]

Three Women Who Have Made Successful Career Changes

We all know the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, sometimes motherhood invents a new necessity for moms. In my case, my entire business was inspired by motherhood. Before starting FIT4MOM, I was the General Manager at a multi-million dollar health club. I loved working in the fitness […]

Top Three Tips For Future Women Leaders

My business, Remodista, is focused on disruptors in the retail industry through a collaborative lens. Implementing community as my business model has allowed for us to look at companies who are trendsetters and how others can stay ahead of the curve. Through that I was able to connect with executive […]

7 Tips for Trouncing the Job Competition in an Upbeat Economy

The good news is that the economy is robust. Employers are in a hiring mode. The bad news is that the competition is fierce. Skilled workers who had to shelter in place at lackluster jobs during the economic downturn are now looking to move. Facing off against ten competitors for every […]