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The Future of Work Has Arrived — Here’s How to Beat the Competition

Between artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, the Internet of Things and more, many of today’s most cutting-edge technological advances are iterating at a dizzying pace. Add to that fears of automation and an upcoming recession, and employees are facing serious pressure to stay relevant in an ever-changing work environment. […]

Anxiety & Depression: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

Your past does not determine who you are in the present, or in the future. Taking a step back into your past and ‘uncreating’ unhealthy habits and behaviors can be a powerful way to move beyond depression and anxiety. For many people, life is all about judgement. We each have […]

How To Revamp Your Job Search For The New Year

If you’re like 68% of Americans, you’ve probably made a New Year’s Resolution this year. For 42% of women, making a New Year’s Resolution is a promise to save more money in the new year.  If you’re one of those women, saving more money may be changing your spending habits, […]

4 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Should Do This Year

New year, same to-do list. Although we replace our calendars, the concerns of small business owners are very much the same year to year: Make sure your business is cash flow positive, and that you’re generating enough revenue to stay that way. That’s not going to change with the dawn […]

The Financial Independence Movement: Right For You?

What is Financial Independence? A new movement is sweeping the nation -and for once, it’s not about clothes or the latest YouTube celebrity. This is the Financial Independence movement – or FI – and it’s something every Singlish Woman and Career Girl should look at. According to the Mad Fientist, […]

Why Cultural Fluency Is Important to Your Career Success

In recent years, it has become a requirement for managers working in multinational companies to have international work experience to be able to advance their career further into senior leadership positions. These companies work in global markets and senior executives are required to collaborate with team members in different countries. […]

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Within Your Business

Whenever the topic of outsourcing comes up, an immediate debate usually ensues: Should you outsource or not? What are the pros and cons? What are things you just shouldn’t even consider outsourcing? The truth is, the debate will never be settled with a single answer. What’s right for one business […]

Getting Your Home Ready For The Spring Selling Season

Are you planning on putting your home on the market in the Spring?  It’s not too early to get started on getting your home ready.  Spring is normally one of the best times for selling, and some experts are suggesting that some real estate markets are reaching the top of […]

The Secret to Working From Home And Staying Productive

Over 3.7 million employees work from home at least half of the time. It is unsurprising, then, that global workforces are tilting towards majorities (rather than minorities) of remote workers. As a freelancer, I often sing the praises of the home-office life. I do not necessarily work fewer hours than […]

Big-Screen Worthy Career Changes: Inside Real-Life “Second Acts”

Changing your professional direction isn’t easy, but for some of us, it’s unavoidable. We find ourselves suffering a psychic itch that can’t be scratched unless something changes. Call it what you will – blowing up your career, changing your mind, a different direction – just know that it’s a change […]