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This Is How I Went From Working on Dictionaries to Working in Tech

Erin McKean is a developer advocate at IBM. But before she landed her job in tech, she was a lexicographer—researching and writing for dictionaries. Here’s how she made the switch, how her skills transferred over to her current field, and a little more about her side gig, Wordnik. Read Complete […]

I Moved 10,000 Miles With No Job Lined Up (and Everything Worked Out!)

Jessica Frost—Executive Assistant at The Muse—was born and raised in Tamworth, Australia. In 2015, she decided to relocate to New York City. And while she had no job lined up at the time, she ended up moving from fashion to working with executives—here’s what her job is like. Read Complete […]

How I Went From Being a NBA Publicist to an Author and Podcast Host

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, Ahyiana Angel has one major piece of advice for you: switch, pivot, or quit. Here’s how, after working for the NBA, she landed a book deal in four months *and* started her own podcast inspiring women in their careers. Read Complete Article

9 Great Resources That Help PhD Students Transition Into the Workforce

Fewer than one in 200 PhD graduates become professors—and most will spend upwards of a decade in temporary postdoc positions. Want career alternatives? These nine websites should help you do your research, explore different paths, and learn from others in the same position as you. Read Complete Article