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The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

Understandably, many executive job seekers struggle with putting themselves “out there” when they’re building their online footprint by using social media. This becomes a sticky issue . . . whether or not they must keep their search confidential because they’re currently employed. On one hand, they need to have a […]

How to Write Strong Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ)

Thinking about what to write for your executive core qualifications (ECQs) sets your nerves on edge. You want to represent your best professional self in your narratives, and the key to doing this is outlining your most significant accomplishments in specific, yet concise detail. What are Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)? […]

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search

Are you aware that, when you’re in executive job search, you need to have a diverse, personal brand-reinforcing online presence, to attract recruiters and employers, when they’re searching for and assessing good-fit candidates? Online presence for executive job search is built around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your online presence works […]

Is Landing a Board of Directors Role Like Landing Any Other Executive Job?

Many c-suite and senior-level executives focus their job search efforts on landing a Board of Directors role. They’re the kind of candidates Boards typically covet. Executive job seekers often ask me what they need to do differently in their job search to land a Board role. The Difference Between the […]

Are You Tweaking Your Out-Dated Executive Resume To Death?

How to Update and Revive Your Over-Edited, Old Executive Resume So many of my executive job seeking clients who send me their executive resume when we first connect, feel the need to apologize for it. Over the years, they’ve edited the thing to death, and now they have a disjointed, […]

Social Recruiting: The Surprising Ways Executive Recruiters Assess Candidates on Social Media

We’ve all heard stories about how social recruiting can negatively impact executive job search. Too many executive (and other) job seekers are too fast and easy with their social media posts, and undermine or completely destroy their job search. They let all kinds of damaging things sit on their social […]

Best Ways and Places to Research Your Target Employers

Savvy executive job seekers know that the very first steps in landing a great-fit new executive job are TARGETING (selecting, say, 10-15 employers that you feel will provide the kind of job you want) and then RESEARCHING each one for industry and company market intelligence. Don’t even think of diving […]