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Inside Uber 2.0 According to A Female Engineering Manager

“2017 was a tough year for Uber, especially for female engineers.” What may seem like an understatement to some, was a clarion call to those truly dedicated to Uber’s mission and impact. For engineering manager Shimul Sachdeva, Uber’s months-long stretch in the spotlight was a humbling experience that made way […]

Kinda Awesome! How the Snack Company Delivers on Its Promise to Promote Kindness

When many people think of KIND, mouths may water thinking of the whole nut and fruit bars. But beyond the tasty snacks, the New York-based company’s mission is much larger than feeding health nuts and hikers. Their goal is to make “the world a little kinder” by improving the way […]

How to Score an Entry-Level Software Engineering Job, According to an Agilent Hiring Manag…

With roughly 145,000 open jobs on Glassdoor, a median salary of $104,463 and a number 11 position on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America list, there’s no denying that Software Engineer is one of the hottest job titles out there. But just because the job is in high demand doesn’t mean […]

What Digital Customer Experience Is, & Why It’s the Job of the Future

Customer experience is no longer limited to inside the four walls of any company, or even a phone. It stretches online through anything with a digital interface, from a computer to a tablet or a smartphone — all of which encompasses what is called digital customer experience. And it is, as […]

More Than Just a Fad: Why Great Leadership Is Always In Style at Nordstrom

It’s not easy to be in retail these days. An increasing preference for online purchases over in-person shopping, high-quality goods over mass-produced products and a custom-tailored experience over an impersonal one have required many brands to rethink their strategy completely, many of them shuttering hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores in the […]