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Asking Employees for Reimbursement After They’ve Departed – Ask #HR Bartender

Today’s reader note is about a company that’s doing something really nice for employees and ends up with a huge dilemma on their hands. Our company takes all employees (along with their family, significant other, friend, etc.) to Disney for the weekend. We cover hotel, park tickets, meals, a company […]

Organizations: It’s Time for Family Friendly Leave Programs

Happy Father’s Day to everyone celebrating! While Mr. Bartender and I don’t have children, we respect parents and the responsibility they have to raise their children into adults. It’s tough and rewarding. But from my vantage point, parenting has evolved over the years. And organizations need to bring their leave […]

Employee Retention is Everyone’s Responsibility

I came across this article recently on Undercover Recruiter titled, “Why Employee Retention Should Be a Talent Acquisition Responsibility”. It’s a good read worth checking out. My takeaway was that talent acquisition professionals play a role in employee retention. They do this by designing a good hiring process. One that […]

Crafting a Career: 3 Wells Fargo Employees Open Up About Their 10+ Years on the Stagecoach

Company loyalty is a thing of the past: many of us look for the next best job anywhere we can find it—even if that means moving on to another company. (And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course!) But there seems to be at least one company that begs loyalty […]

New Hires Not Engaged? How to Design an Onboarding Intervention

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Readex Research, which provides expert survey services to help businesses understand their internal and external customers. Their services include employee experience surveys. Enjoy the post!) According to the most recent data from Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the […]

Employee Engagement and Commitment Are Not the Same Thing

As recruiting remains a challenge, I believe organizations will focus their resources toward making sure that they can keep the employees they have. Just like it’s easier to retain a customer (versus getting a new one), organizations will realize the same about employees.  So retention will be a priority for […]