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My Job Is to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at a Major Company

Patsy Doerr—Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion for Thomson Reuters—had every intention of becoming a doctor. But when she graduated college, she ended up in banking. Here’s how she became a diversity and inclusion advocate at a major company, and what her job’s like. Read Complete Article

How Everyone Can Make Work Better for Women, According to Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama knows we have a long way to go before racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination disappear from American society—and from our offices. Obama recently shared some of her hopes—and some concrete advice—at The United State of Women Summit 2018 in Los Angeles. Read Complete […]

“Own Your Career”: John Hancock’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion on Her #1 Piece…

When you think of diverse workplaces, a financial institution founded in 1862 probably wouldn’t be the first company to come to your mind. Sofia Teixeira, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at John Hancock, acknowledges as much. But despite their 19th-century roots, John Hancock is anything but stuck in the past. […]

The Truth About Imposter Syndrome Among Tech Workers

As part of the ongoing narrative about gender equality in the workplace, imposter syndrome is often raised as a cause—and an effect—of discrepancies in wages and promotions between male and female employees. But new data from Hired suggests that, while imposter syndrome is certainly a common experience amongst female tech […]