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What It’s Really Like to Work for Elon Musk

All eyes are on Elon Musk. The billionaire SpaceX and Tesla mogul has gone from commended CEO and thought leader to one of the most controversial news topics of late. Musk recently came under fire for his involvement in the Thailand cave rescue. Musk’s attempt to aid the recovery of […]

More Than Just a Fad: Why Great Leadership Is Always In Style at Nordstrom

It’s not easy to be in retail these days. An increasing preference for online purchases over in-person shopping, high-quality goods over mass-produced products and a custom-tailored experience over an impersonal one have required many brands to rethink their strategy completely, many of them shuttering hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores in the […]

10 Top Companies for Compensation & Benefits Hiring Now

The numbers are in: great compensation and benefits attract employee to companies – and keep them there. MetLife’s 16th Annual Benefit Trends Study found 62% of respondents said employee benefits were an important reason they came to work for their current company, and 87% of respondents said that “having insurance/benefits” […]

9 Unbelievable Benefits That Experian Offers

Looking at a company’s lackluster employee benefits can make any employee want to move to Denmark. But what if a company acknowledged your health and financial needs without you having to move to another country? Consumer credit agency Experian recognizes the value of happy employees — the company stated, “Our employees […]

The Best Job Search Advice from Top CEOs at GM, 23andMe, Hilton & More

There’s no doubt about it: the job search is tough. You have to spend time and energy revamping your resume, writing cover letters and practicing for interviews, and even then, you’re not guaranteed a position. The good news, though, is that you get a little bit savvier at every step. […]

The Head, Heart & Gut: Kaiser Permanente CEO on What Makes An Applicant Truly Stand O…

When it comes to hiring, it’s no surprise that Kaiser Permanente chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson relies on an anatomy analogy to convey what’s most important.  “When I meet with our senior-level candidates, I ask them to share their story, their career journey and what they are passionate about […]

Inspire Trust, Deliver Impact & Seek Growth: What KPMG’s CEO Looks for in Job Appli…

In decades past, all that was needed to earn a coveted job was a diploma and a sharp resume. However, in today’s job market hiring managers are digging deeper for candidates who are a culture add and whose values align with those of the company.  For KPMG CEO Lynne Doughtie, […]

“There’s a Higher Purpose to What We Do”: Boston Scientific CEO on Bringing Passion …

Boston Scientific CEO Michael F. Mahoney always knew he was destined to enter the healthcare field. “I was inspired by my grandpa who was a pediatric cardiac surgeon. I grew up admiring how he helped so many children,” Mahoney shared. “I remember sneaking into his library when I was a […]

Rise & Grind: How Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Outworked The Competition to Become #1

We do not spend that much time on which company [you] worked with before or where you say you graduated from. We really focus on self-motivation and self-learning.In the age of AI, “working smarter, not harder,” and the 4-hour work week, Eric S. Yuan is an outlier. Instead of developing […]

Want to Work From Home? Discover 15 States With the Most Remote Jobs

Working remotely is a dream that’s become a reality for an increasing number of employees. In 2016, 43 percent of American employees worked remotely at least some of the time, according to Gallup. When looking for remote jobs, however, you may be surprised to find many companies that allow remote work still […]