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How One Company Relies on “Humor and Humility” to Drive Innovation

It’s not often that a company will reveal the true secrets of their success. After all, a strategy for groundbreaking innovation is worth millions or even billions. It is standard practice for any company — from Apple to Applebee’s — to require employees and those visiting the corporate headquarters to […]

Make The Best Decision Ever By Joining Glassdoor’s Decision Science Team

There’s more to data than just numbers and code. A true data scientist has to make decisions and glean insights from the data. Enter: Decision Science. At Glassdoor, the Decision Science team is responsible for data-driven decision-making across the company through analytics, testing and optimization. In short, the members of […]

How Salesforce Empowers & Engages Women in the Workplace

This week marks International Women’s Day, March 8th, a global celebration of women and companies throughout the world engage women and men in conversations around gender diversity, women in the workplace and success. One of the companies at the forefront is Salesforce. Equality is a core value at Salesforce. Led by CEO […]

9 Eye-Opening Company Reviews (Plus, The Surprising Responses)

Millions of job seekers rely on Glassdoor’s reviews and other user-submitted content to find jobs and companies they love. However, employers also rely on the critical feedback to improve their company cultures, team dynamics and hear from the entire organization. The latest Glassdoor research shows that nine out of 10 […]