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Avoiding Irreparable Resume Mistakes

Today I want to tell you about a client, “Greg.” His current company, while a successful, mature business, is having trouble allocating resources to an offshoot they charged Greg to lead. It’s causing all sorts of problems on delivery execution and financial reporting. On top of it, Greg is concerned […]

The Seven-Step Interview Closing Solution

Do any of the following questions resonate with you? Have you been drifting between jobs for one, two, three or more months? Are you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by how much time and effort your job search is taking? Do you wake up unclear on how you spend your time […]

Secrets of a Successful Job Seeker

I am going to tell you something that every successful job seeker has done… You will have to do this, too… Yes, you will… Every successful job seeker in this world has jumped. What do I mean by “jump”? When you are going to that job that you don’t like […]