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Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Stone Age?

Some things simply go out of style, and your resume may be one of them. The best professional resume writers always see resumes that look like they were written 20 years ago. And if it’s clear to those professional writers, then you can guarantee it will be clear to a […]

Building a Top-Grade Resume for a Career with Pets

Do you need a resume for a career with pets?  The United States boasts almost 80,000 dedicated veterinarians.  However, there are many other professions that also work with pets. Here are just a few: animal therapy veterinary nurses dog walkers trainers working with rescue and police dogs Countless professionals are making […]

How to Find Employers That Value Achievement Fit vs. Culture Fit

The term “Culture Fit” has caused controversy in hiring circles and raised questions if the concept breeds unconscious bias in hiring against minority groups. Also, as job landing consultants, my team and I hear more often from executives and rising leaders that having a beer with a prospective employer / […]

Recession-Proof Your Career

Verizon Wireless is laying off, offering severance to, or outsourcing 44,000 employees over the next two years. That’s 30% of their workforce. The first round of employee separations began on December 28th, 2018. Bain & Company’s December Newsletter leads with an article, “What Sales Teams Should Do to Prepare for […]