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Highly Effective and Respected Managers are Playing Chess, not Checkers 

Whether you’re new to managing a team or looking to improve your leadership skills, the nuances of leading others can be tricky to navigate. And the importance of being a great manager isn’t just a platitude from business books—data from Google (which conducts in-depth research on how to make teams […]

Summary Sunday: Keeping Up With The Times

In the workplace and during a job search, it’s important you are keeping up with the times. And I’m not just talking about the newest technology. There are new ways of doing business, interacting with customers and clients, and even new types of jobs and career paths.  It has become our […]

How to Balance Your Job Search and Your Current Job

One of the main benefits of looking for a new job while currently employed is you will generally be more attractive to employers. However, one of the risk includes someone finding out that leads to you getting fired or damaging your reputation. Balance is key when going through a situation […]