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Unhappy at Work? Here’s How to Tell Whether the Problem Is Your Job or Your Company

Do you want to change careers? Are you absolutely sure? From my own career change to the stories I hear from my clients and workshop students, often we think we want to change careers when the problem is our work environment instead. If you find yourself stuck, unsure what to […]

Company Culture is King. Here’s How to Find the Right Fit

Many important factors come into play when choosing your next job – whether you are looking to take the next natural step up the career ladder, open  yourself up to new challenges at a larger organization, make a career transition into a new industry or find a higher paying position. But increasingly, it is […]

“Never Conform to Societal Expectations”: Olympic Athlete Hayley Wickenheiser&…

The odds of becoming a professional hockey player aren’t great — about .02 percent, by some estimates — but Hayley Wickenheiser has never put much stock in odds. If she had, it’s doubtful she would have become the world’s best female ice hockey player, a six-time Olympic athlete (for both ice […]