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How I Went From Being a NBA Publicist to an Author and Podcast Host

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, Ahyiana Angel has one major piece of advice for you: switch, pivot, or quit. Here’s how, after working for the NBA, she landed a book deal in four months *and* started her own podcast inspiring women in their careers. Read Complete Article

I’m a Television Producer for The Olympics (and I’m There Now!)

Every two years, Lizzie Turkevich—freelance television producer—goes to the Olympics for work. To get where she is today, she worked her butt off. But now she gets to meet some of the coolest and most talented athletes out there and tell their stories. Here’s what her job is like. Read […]

I Left My Job as a Lawyer Without a Backup Plan (and Now I’m Doing Work I Love)

Kelsie Brunick—now a graduate advisor for Colorado State University-Global Campus and creator and host of the podcast Permission to Grow—took a while to find a career she was happy in. Here’s how she went from law to nonprofit to fashion to education, and what she learned along the way. Read […]