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I Started My Career in Fashion But Now I Work in Marketing

Caitlin Lyttle—Marketing Manager at Financial Gym—fell in love with fashion in high school. But after four years in the fashion world, she was ready for a change. After attending a networking event, she found the company she works for now. Here’s her career story and what her job is like. […]

2 Things You Need to Figure Out About Yourself Before You Apply to Any Startup

Clearly you have an idea of the kind of work environment you want to be in: a startup. Now it’s a matter of actually landing a job you’re excited about at a company you like. The thing is, navigating the startup space—just as you would any job opportunity—requires you to […]

This 96-Year-Old High Schooler Proves It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

You’re never too old to learn something new. If Guadalupe Palacios can learn to read and write, finish primary and middle school, and enroll in high school—all as a nonagenarian—then you can branch out and explore new interests, even long after you thought you were done with school forever. Agreed? […]

I Used My Love for Cooking and Baking to Switch Careers Into Food Branding

Growing up, Elizabeth Tilton—Head of Brand at W&P—was a big foodie. Here’s her career story, including how she broke into catering and became a chef for restaurants, and then used that experience to switch gears into food marketing. Read Complete Article