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I’m a Voice-over Actor Who Found My Passion While Working in Sales

Matt Baker wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. While that didn’t pan out, he’s now a voice-over actor with a pretty cool job. Here’s how he got his start, including his career in sales and the co-worker who referred him to Discovery to do voice-overs. Read Complete […]

6 Jobs That’ll Help You Do Good With Your Law Degree (That Don’t Involve Being a Lawyer)

Many people pursue law school because of the desire to make a difference. While it can be a challenging decision to move away from law, the good news is that there are plenty of jobs in the social-impact space where your law degree can be quite useful. Read Complete Article

I’m a Full-time Designer Who Tried the Freelance Track

Jacob Gambino—Design Director at The Muse—is one of those rare (and lucky) individuals who knew what he wanted to do with his career before he even went to college. Here’s his story about working as a freelancer and why he decided to go back to a full-time role. Read Complete […]

5 Career Lessons You’re Never Too Old to Learn, According to 5 Real Stories

Here at The Muse, we love giving you advice (could you tell?). But if there’s one thing we love about our career story features, it’s that they provide us with some invaluable lessons, too. Here are some of our favorite lessons from five of our favorite stories. Read Complete Article