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How to Navigate Your Immigration Status During Job Interviews

No immigrant working in the U.S. can ignore the frenzied debates taking place in Washington, D.C., lately: Will spouses of H-1B visa holders lose authorization to work in the U.S.? Will politicians gut the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program that gives international students opportunities to work here before and after they graduate? Who will […]

Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have What it Takes to Land the Job?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of those qualities that most employers look for in their potential candidates – and for good reasons too. Not only are people with higher EQ empathetic and able to work with different personalities, but they will also have a better time accepting feedback and criticism. […]

6 Classes That Will Help You Add In-Demand Skills to Your Resume

There are few things more frustrating in the job search process than the application black hole — that endless cycle of applying to job after job without hearing a word back from recruiters or hiring managers. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel. Just because you’re […]

Ask An Interview Coach: What Hiring Managers Want to Hear from Candidates in a Phone Inter…

Companies are increasingly using phone interviews at the early stages of screening candidates, before inviting them on-site for in-person interviews. This is a way to efficiently screen through large candidate pools, as the average job has over 250 applicants. Moreover, the phone screen is typically conducted by recruiters, many of […]

Sleep: The Other Key To Career Success

Last month, we discussed the correlation between confidence and career success. Confidence leads to myriad work-related boons including increased productivity and improved communication skills. There’s something else, however, that can produce the same benefits, if not more for your career: quality sleep. Not getting enough of this essential human function […]

Top Engineers Think Beyond Their Job Title

As an engineer, there’s no doubt that technical prowess will carry you far. But there’s a side to engineering that isn’t captured by job title and can’t be learned in school—and that can enable you to reach even greater career heights. In a world increasingly focused on technology, it’s important […]