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Business Growth Depends on Effective Talent Management

I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s. When Mr. Bartender and I lived in South Florida, we had a Trader Joe’s but it wasn’t always convenient to stop there. Now that we live in North Florida, there’s a Trader Joe’s right down the street. Because we’ve started going to Trader […]

4 Marketing Strategies That Can Be Used to Implement #HR Programs

One of my big takeaways from this year’s WorkHuman Conference pioneered by Globoforce is that human resources needs to think more like marketing. I know you’ve heard this message before. In fact, I’ve written about it before. 5 Ways HR Can Leverage a Marketing Mindset for Real Results Every HR […]

Career Profile: How I Got the Courage to Launch My Planner Business, Ponderlily

In this interview, we meet Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily. We’ve watched her behind the scenes launch her planner and paper business and we are so inspired by her determination and courage. We asked her all of the questions we’ve been dying to know like how she manages her planner business and […]