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How to Answer the Interview Questions Surrounding Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

One of the questions every interviewer will ask their interviewee revolves around their short-term and long-term goals, even if you state this information in your executive resume biography. But even when you know the question is coming, it’s still sometimes difficult to clearly communicate what your goals actually are. Your […]

Cover Letters Do’s and Don’ts to Land Your Dream Job

There are two types of job seekers today: those who think cover letters are somewhat fun to write, and those who think they are a complete waste of time. Regardless of where your feelings are, cover letters for your resume are more important today than ever before. Like resumes, you […]

Avoiding Irreparable Resume Mistakes

Today I want to tell you about a client, “Greg.” His current company, while a successful, mature business, is having trouble allocating resources to an offshoot they charged Greg to lead. It’s causing all sorts of problems on delivery execution and financial reporting. On top of it, Greg is concerned […]

How to Create an Executive Resume That Leads to Interviews

There’s no single secret to help executives create the perfect resume that will lead to an interview with every application. However, when you’ve incorporated key components within your resume, the chances of landing an interview increase exponentially. The best executive resume writers will keep their resumes as clear and concise […]

The Seven-Step Interview Closing Solution

Do any of the following questions resonate with you? Have you been drifting between jobs for one, two, three or more months? Are you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by how much time and effort your job search is taking? Do you wake up unclear on how you spend your time […]

Is Upgrading Your Executive LinkedIn Profile to Premium Worth It?

When you work hard to optimize your LinkedIn profile, it’s only natural to consider whether you should upgrade to the premium version to take full advantage of the benefits. Depending on where you’re at in your job search, LinkedIn Premium could be exactly what you need and the expense could […]

Be Aware of the Constant LinkedIn Changes and Updates

Have you ever looked at your executive LinkedIn profile and noticed a section or piece of information wasn’t there? You’re not alone. Like any social media platform, LinkedIn always makes changes to its website to enhance the user experience. Some changes may be minor like switching up the layout, while […]

Secrets of a Successful Job Seeker

I am going to tell you something that every successful job seeker has done… You will have to do this, too… Yes, you will… Every successful job seeker in this world has jumped. What do I mean by “jump”? When you are going to that job that you don’t like […]

Money isn’t the Only Thing That Should Contribute to Happiness at Work

Are you happy with your job? When people are asked this question, they often times aren’t sure how to answer it. They might be happy with the paycheck they receive every two weeks, but they might dread going into the office every day. Money is required to live the lifestyle […]

What to Do if You Have Employment Gaps in Your Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Believe it or not, it’s more common for people to have employment gaps on their resume and LinkedIn profile today than ever before. There are plenty of reasons for this as well. You may have taken time off to raise a family and are now ready to re-enter the workforce, […]