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LinkedIn Strategy: Should You Use “Seeking New Opportunity” in Your Headline?

Time for some important LinkedIn strategy. Your LinkedIn headline is one of the strongest search term areas in your LinkedIn profile, which is why your resume’s headline should be expanded on your LinkedIn profile. Ensure your LinkedIn headline is relevant-keyword optimized to easily identify your profession and industry as a […]

Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Stone Age?

Some things simply go out of style, and your resume may be one of them. The best professional resume writers always see resumes that look like they were written 20 years ago. And if it’s clear to those professional writers, then you can guarantee it will be clear to a […]

Reasons Why Your Executive Job Search Could be Taking Longer than Expected

Many executives don’t have to look for a new job very often. So if it’s been several years since you last conducted a job search, things could have changed drastically. Visiting a professional resume writing service should be your first step, just to make sure your resume is formatted properly […]

How to Find Employers That Value Achievement Fit vs. Culture Fit

The term “Culture Fit” has caused controversy in hiring circles and raised questions if the concept breeds unconscious bias in hiring against minority groups. Also, as job landing consultants, my team and I hear more often from executives and rising leaders that having a beer with a prospective employer / […]

3 Ways to Help Your Personal Brand When Unemployed

Things can be going great for you when all of a sudden your company goes through layoffs and you don’t make the cut. Sometimes the best situations can change instantly like this, which is why personal branding for senior level managers is so critical. You’re essentially always supposed to be […]

How to Ace Your C-Level Executive Job Interview

Many executives feel similar emotions when they’re searching for a new job. They work so hard on their executive resume biography, improving their personal brand by networking and more just to land an interview. And when the opportunity to interview at a great employer presents itself, you want to do […]

Recession-Proof Your Career

Verizon Wireless is laying off, offering severance to, or outsourcing 44,000 employees over the next two years. That’s 30% of their workforce. The first round of employee separations began on December 28th, 2018. Bain & Company’s December Newsletter leads with an article, “What Sales Teams Should Do to Prepare for […]

LinkedIn is Key to Attracting Recruiters

Whether you’re currently unemployed or you have a job and are starting to covertly look for a new one, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for you. Recruiters are constantly searching on the platform to find the candidates they think would fit the opportunity they have available. When you optimize your […]

How to Network While Helping Others

Networking is difficult for people for many different reasons. One of those reasons may be because the person doesn’t want anyone else to go out of their way for their benefit. This is especially true if your main purpose for networking is to makes sales or build your business in […]

The Basics of Executive Cover Letter Writing

An executive resume cover letter shouldn’t simply restate your resume in paragraph form. If you’ve been crafting your resume like this, then it’s time to revisit some of the basics of cover letter writing. The purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself to the potential employer you are […]