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How to Write and Get Great LinkedIn Recommendations

People have different opinions about LinkedIn recommendations. When you work with a LinkedIn profile development expert, they will likely tell you they are important to have from a quality standpoint rather than a quantity standpoint. Your executive LinkedIn profile should support your own personal brand in many different ways, and […]

The Relationship Between Networking and Referrals

As a job candidate, you have to know what works and what doesn’t work with your job search to ensure you make progress every single day. One of the most effective strategies for any job search is networking. With quality c-level personal branding, networking can lead you to many new […]

Is Your Lack of Personal Branding Holding You Back From the Perfect Job?

There are many things that could potentially hold you back from landing your dream job, and none of them are more notable than a lack of c-level personal branding. Having a perfect resume is still essential today, but it won’t get you a job on its own in most cases. […]

3 Strategies for a Successful Executive Job Search

Going through an executive job search today is much different than it was a decade ago. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a quality resume. With the competition and the tools used by companies to filter out resumes, many professionals rely on the best executive resume […]

Does Your Resume Make Recruiters Yawn?

  Filling a job opening with the RIGHT person is no easy task. The majority of resumes I saw as a 13-year recruiter typically use all the space outlining responsibilities associated with prior positions… but this is of little help to recruiters. Why? Responsibilities only on a resume is like […]

3 Ways to Be More Productive At Work Without Burning Out

Everyone knows — no matter the industry you find yourself in — productivity is king. Productive employees make productive companies, and only productive companies are able to lead the pack. Productivity on an individual level, though, can be a difficult thing to master. Often the best intentioned among professionals struggle […]

What to Change on Your Executive Resume When Applying to Multiple Jobs

We’ve all been a part of a job search before where you put so much effort into writing an effective resume that you want to send it out to as many companies as possible. This is actually one of the worst things you can do, since the resume is most […]

How Your Boss Can Impact Your Future Career

Whether you like your current boss or not, it’s important to understand they can have a major impact on your future career. In a perfect world, we would all have a boss we get along with very well and who understands when we want to advance our career. Unfortunately, that’s […]

Building Your Pipeline of Six-Figure Job Offers

  Job seekers who land six-figure positions in a matter of WEEKS rather than months (or even not at all) REFUSE to rely on job boards or waiting for “potential opportunities” to pan out. Instead, they’re out actively seeking out and creating new opportunities (even if they’re already in a […]