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2 Simple Ways to Persuade Hiring Managers to Hire You

  Most job seekers make the mistake of telling prospective employers what they want in a job. And trust me, this is a mistake. Most job seekers make these two job offer killing errors: (1) They tell employers what they want in a new job. (2) They pontificate about everything […]

The Little Known Secret to Interviewing Successfully with Younger Managers

  You won’t get hired by an older interviewer if you are a 61-year old job seeker, most likely. The odds are not in your favor. It’s simply the laws of evolution. Not many 75 year old hiring managers around to hire a 61-year old. So how do you get […]

Does Your Resume Match the Job Description?

When you first sit down to write your resume from scratch, it’s normal to sit there for several minutes before you write your first word. Where to begin writing an effective resume is difficult, especially in today’s competitive world. But even if you have a resume you’ve used in the […]

3 Secrets to Strengthen Your Executive Resume

No matter how strong you think your resume is, there’s always room for improvement. Even the top rated resume writing services will write, proof and edit any given resume multiple times before it gets into the final form. Sometimes it only takes some minor tweaks, but other times a complete […]

The First Month is Critical for Any New Executive Job

You’ve worked so hard on your job search to find a perfect fit for your career and it’s finally paid off. Now that you’re at your new job, what are you supposed to do? Depending on the nature of the job, you may be thrown right into the fire and […]

How to Balance Your Job Search and Your Current Job

One of the main benefits of looking for a new job while currently employed is you will generally be more attractive to employers. However, one of the risk includes someone finding out that leads to you getting fired or damaging your reputation. Balance is key when going through a situation […]

5 Tips for Professional Networking

Everyone has heard about the importance of networking, and it’s no secret the most successful executives generally have a large network. The more you network, the more you’ll be able to boost your executive profile and earn yourself a great reputation within your industry and beyond. Contrary to popular belief, […]