New Job Interview Prep Tool Has Launched

InterviewFocus is excited to announce the launch of its new online platform using patented technology to specifically help people increase their interview confidence and land their dream job.

The cutting edge software uses state-of-the-art technology to evaluate specific soft skills during online mock interview sessions, so that users can practice their interview skills and gain feedback from a certified career coach. These soft skills include:

* Eye Contact

* Engagement Level

* Speaking Rate

How it Works
A practice interview consists of answering 12-15 industry specific questions at any time from the comfort of your own home or office. Only a laptop or PC is needed with any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Once you are ready to start the mock interview, you will be prompted to answering the first question on your device’s camera. This simple process continues until you have completed all the questions.

This innovative technology evaluates your eye contact, engagement level, and speaking rate for each question answered. You will receive a score in each of these three areas. This information is important because it lets you know where improvement is needed to “perfect” your next interview! Are you looking off the screen when answering? Do you need to slow down your speaking rate? Only InterviewFocus can inform you of this vital feedback.

Without this type of feedback, how can a person interviewing evaluate their performance and make the proper changes?  Many mistakes are often repeated during actual interviews because you are unaware of what mistakes you are making. A video of your practice interview reveals nonverbal behavior that can be important in an employer’s analysis. With InterviewFocus, you can watch your recorded answers for self-critique as often as you like.

Who We Help
Whether you are new to the job market, looking to change your career, about to have a job interview or getting back into the workforce, InterviewFocus can benefit you.

Experienced career coaches are available in your specific industry to evaluate your practice interview and provide suggestions for improvement on properly answering the questions, your body language, and those soft skills (eye contact, level of engagement, and speaking rate). We recommend taking a package of three mock interviews, so you can compare your soft skills results against the scores from the other interviews.

Craig Rosen, Founder of InterviewFocus, says, “I feel it levels the playing field for the candidate. With InterviewFocus, many satisfied users have practiced with our technology and are confident knowing their soft skills results.”

Don’t wait until the actual interview is scheduled. Try InterviewFocus today, and you will be more confident and less nervous at your next interview!


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