How’s Your References?

Your Job References Are as Crucial as Your Resume Says Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Firm

Numerous industry sources have documented that a person will change careers approximately seven times during their working years.

While you will likely be writing (and rewriting) your resume over the course of your career, you also need to ask yourself: “Have I taken the same care in creating my job reference list, as I have my resume?”

Be sure to examine your references each time you make a change to your resume.

Four key points to ask yourself when identifying your job references:

  1. Does your reference list reflect the best people to cast you in a positive light to a prospective employer – or could there be someone else who would be a better choice?
  2. Are your selected references going to give your prospective employers the kudos you’re hoping for?  If you’re uncertain they will, check them beforehand– before they go “live” with your prospective new employer.
  3. Do your references have a comprehensive knowledge of your skills and abilities, and can they fluently convey this knowledge?
  4. Are your references people with whom you’ve stayed in touch, and kept updated on your career moves and successes?

The new, modern look of job references provides a chance to underscore the information you’ve provided in your resume, and to make a powerful statement to a prospective employer.  Present your reference list, formatted as shown below, during the application process for that first good impression.  Or, proactively offer it at the conclusion of an interview – the hiring party will be impressed with both your list, and your initiative in offering it.

Here is an example of a modernized reference list:

Management Reference List Sample

For a critique of your references, or assistance in rewriting them to the new format, please click here.  A good reference list is one key to securing new employment – make sure yours is a part of your employment-seeking arsenal.

For more information, contact AllisonTaylor reference checking or call (800) 651-8202.


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