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How Science Predicts a Bad or Good First Impression in an Executive Job Interview

How to Ace Your First Impression in Executive Job Interviews First impressions are tricky things . . . and especially critical in executive job interviews. We always want to nail a first impression but, sometimes, it seems more like an art than a science. However, research shows that there are scientific […]

Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember

Your online presence, or lack of it, matters in senior-level executive job search. Learn how to build a far-reaching online identity. The post Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Read Complete Article

8 High-Demand Executive Jobs That Value Military Veterans’ Skills

After leaving a career in the military, finding a civilian job — especially an executive management position — may seem daunting for many former service members. Fortunately, having previous experience in the military may actually put veterans at an advantage when it comes to landing some executive jobs. The military […]

FREE EBOOK – 101+ Top Holiday Job Search Tips from the Experts

Are you seriously looking for a new job, but figure you can put aside your job search until after the holidays, because it’s not a good time to land a job? You’re wrong. The holidays are one of the BEST times to land a job, or make strides toward landing […]

5 Essential Things To Research Before Your Executive Job Interviews

Preparation is critical before any executive job interview. Entering the interview armed with knowledge not only differentiates you as a more informed and potentially valuable candidate, it will help ease you through this often most stressful aspect of executive job search. Another big bonus: This kind of research will help […]