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Job Seekers: Be What They Need, Then Play Hard to Get

  Too many job seekers are contorting themselves into a pretzel to desperately please a hiring manager – longingly hoping to be hired. This suck-up-please-approve-me notion is even worse with experienced job seekers. Nothing more nauseating than an experienced person groveling for love from an employer who doesn’t appreciate what […]

The Monty Python Resume: It’s Not Dead Yet!

  The resume has died a thousand deaths. And it has come to life 1001 times. Brings to mind the hysterical Monty Python “I’m not dead yet” line… This “resumes are no longer useful” topic has been around for a minimum of 19 years. —When Monster came out in 1999, […]

The Unspoken Reason Why Employers Struggle to Fill 6 Million Jobs

  The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that there are 6 million job openings currently, and this open jobs number been consistent for the last five months. With unemployment at a record 17-year low at 4.1%, The Washington Post recently cited that employers are engaged in the “biggest scramble for […]