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14 Strategies to Maximize Your Next Pay Raise

  Effectively asking for a raise and negotiating a significant salary increase is no easy feat in today’s uncertain economy.  Frankly, how to negotiate a salary increase is a professional skill everyone needs to master. When you want a raise, the best way is to plan for the raise…don’t just […]

9 Practical Tips to Optimize Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile for the New Year

  The New Year is here! It is a crucial time of year to get your resume and LinkedIn profile updated, in sync and given to the right contacts to land your next job faster. Whether you are simply updating your achievements, beginning a job search or switching careers, it […]

Think Like a Hiring Manager When Writing Your Resume

  Most job seekers forget about the real reasons why they get hired. A candidate does not get hired to give the candidate a job. I would venture to say that most hires are not made for the overused reason of “providing a solution” to a company problem. As a […]