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Today’s the final day of the four-day CES®  in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We’ve been taking in all the amazing new technology, as well as an array of gadgets designed to make our lives more efficient, our work more productive, and sometimes just simply more playful. There’s 2.5 million square feet […]

4 Easy Steps Toward Branding Your Business Through Volunteering

Advertising and marketing often comprise the largest portions of a small business’ expenses, especially when that business is just starting up. Which is understandable: branding yourself and earning name-recognition in the marketplace is the most important thing your business must do if it is to thrive and become profitable and […]

Messy Brilliance – A Journey Into Knowing Yourself

So, you’ve spent the last five or ten or twenty years on a quest.  That quest may have been for Success Wealth Educational Achievement. Has your quest brought you to your desired destination?  How much happiness have you gained – or sacrificed – along the way? Is that destination even […]

Women Entrepreneurs Who Made Their Own Rules

For centuries, women were considered homemakers. Now, they are taking over the business world. While there are still many challenges to face, women all over the world are proving that not only can they jump over hurdles, they can demolish them and rewrite the game. According to Forbes, some of […]

Open Space Office? Survival Tips for Introverts

When Jennifer’s company converted to open space last year, her ability to concentrate plunged. She likes her tablemates; it’s just that Jennifer needs quiet and solitude to do her best thinking. Without an office door to close, she’s stressed, overwhelmed, and seriously thinking of moving on. Open Space Office or […]

Diva Do-Over: How Failing Med School Became My Biggest Success

Imagine putting everything – blood, sweat, and tears (literally, lots of tears) – into three years of medical school just to find out that your career is over; you’ll never be a doctor and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Welcome to my life. I loved being a […]

The Sunshine State is Shining In More Than One Way!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enterprise Florida for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. They don’t call Florida the “sunshine state” for no reason.  With hundreds of miles of beaches, an abundance of tropical vegetation, and plenty of delightful weather, it’s a natural magnet […]