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A Marketer’s Guide to Audience Engagement

Effective content is crucial for audience engagement. Companies are increasing their content marketing efforts, according to Smart Insights, creating a more competitive environment for online marketers. More than 90 percent of companies are utilizing content marketing in 2017 75 percent of companies increased their content marketing budget in 2016 43 […]

How To Be A Leader Who Influences, Inspires, and Motivates

Corporate Leadership Trainer Beate Nimsky, 66, has no problem presenting in front of 500+ people. She is a gun for hire, utilized by Ericsson, Europcar, Bosch, Siemens and Georg Fischer Automotive and other companies wanting to positively influence their mindset and culture. As a child, however, Beate was silenced by her parents. […]

How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Career Regrets

Career regrets, whether we admit it or not, are part of the American Dream and its star-spangled ethos–an inseparable entity from the careers we choose. After all, they are how we get those white picket fences encircling the beautiful, sprawling front yard lawns; the two children, and the money to […]

Become a Successful Web Designer: Education and Career Roadmap

In today’s day and age, web-design is a modern necessity and certainly an industry where the amount of work won’t run dry. Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and North America, with thousands of companies relying on web designers to give them both a slick online […]

FlexJobs Names Top Career Categories & Companies for Freelance Jobs

35% of the total U.S. workforce currently freelance. Boulder, CO, March 12, 2018– According a survey from FlexJobs, freelancers enjoy work on average more than their non-freelance counterparts. To demonstrate the various opportunities in the freelance job marketplace and help freelancers connect to jobs they enjoy, FlexJobs has identified the […]

What is that thin line between freelancing and running your own business?

So you’ve successfully set up your freelance business. But do all businesses fall into the same basket? Or do people just arbitrarily interchange terms? The fact is that freelancing and entrepreneurship are two distinct, albeit very similar, things. Both are part of the “process to financial independence”, with freelancing being somewhere […]

Real Stories About Real Women to Motivate You

Women’s voices are important now, more than ever, and these new books shine a light on some of the most influential female writers of the century. Whether you’re struggling to get past a new hurdle, searching for the courage to find a new beginning or just need a little inspiration […]

Celebrating the Women Who Made an Impact on London’s Culture

This International Women’s Day, author and tour guide Rachel Kolsky is hoping to spread awareness about extraordinary women from London. Her goal is to elevate and celebrate the impact women have had — and continue to have — on London’s streetscape, heritage and culture. Through her association with The Women’s Library, she has planned […]

Four Ways Men and Women Sleep Differently

Breaking News: This just in, folks: men and women are different. Yes, we’re having a hard time believing it ourselves. But seriously: there are actual, honest-to-goodness differences between them. What kind of differences? Well…we don’t want to get too technical, but there’s a wide variety of departments that men and […]