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Money Management Tips (That won’t bore you to death)

How many times have you glazed over when trying to listen to an expert tell you what you should already have implemented with your financial plan, profitability forecasting or investments? More than 5 times? More than 10? Here are four tips that you can implement to brighten your financial future […]

How to Market Effectively to Generation Z

Generation Z will make up about 20% of the workforce and 40% of consumers by 2020.  Here are 5 key differences between Generation Z and Millennials, and our perspective on how these differences will impact your business. Generation Z is More Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurship has been in decline in the US for […]

Seven Tips for Being a Great Leader in a Male-Dominated Business

Not only are women achieving success in male-dominated industries, more and more women are also becoming leaders. Being a leader comes with its own set of challenges, even in non-male-dominated fields.  But when you’re a leader in a group where women have been marginalized for years, it can be even […]

In a World Focused on The Bottom Line, Does Common Decency Pay Dividends?

Greed.  Double-dealing. Cheating.  It seems there isn’t a day that passes without news of unethical, or outright illegal, behavior on the part of “successful” companies or individuals.  Common decency doesn’t seem to be so common nowadays.  One might even ask, are there any dividends of decency? I don’t adhere to […]

How To Find Your Life Purpose To Live A Regret-Free Life

Finding your purpose and then creating a regret-free life can feel daunting to many, especially when you feel the pressure of ‘running out of time.’ At the core, we all want to know three things: That we have a purpose for being here; That our life has meaning; and that […]

The Disney Princesses Re-imagined As Ms Career Girls

The Disney princesses have been a significant part of our culture since Snow White made her debut 80 years ago. In many ways, they have become more than just animated character in movies. They are characters that others look to as role models and for inspiration. In recent years, talented […]

The Five Unspoken Rules of Today’s Workplace

We live in unprecedented times, especially when it comes to our careers. Technology, the economy, and globalization have created constant and rapid change. Long ago, companies banked on the fact that if our parents and grandparents had been customers, we would be too. Tradition, loyalty, and reliability were the competitive […]

Beyond the Glass Slipper Raising Girls Who Can Stand on Their Own Two Feet

Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m a business executive who’s been fortunate enough to have had a rewarding career throughout the past several years. I’ve helped build some world-class brands and companies, including IMAX and, and created hundreds of jobs in the process. But I’m also a dad of two […]

Five Actions to Take When You Hear, “I Don’t Trust You”

Talking about trust is tough in business. When a colleague tells you, ” I don’t trust you ” your first instinct is probably to react defensively or aggressively, and rarely with curiosity and an openness to understand. You take “I don’t trust you” as an attack on your character and […]

Shut Down Your Screen: Take a  Break From Social Media

Feeling overwhelmed by your constant social media feeds? You’re not alone. More and more people are looking for a break from the distractions of being continuously connected. Whether it’s Cute Kittens on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, or updates on LinkedIn or Twitter, sometimes you just want to get away. Why […]

Four Stand-Out Career Books For Women in 2018

As the saying goes, leaders are readers.   And one of the easiest ways to get smarter about your career is by reading a great book. Out of the latest career advice books for women published so far in 2018, these four books have earned high ratings.  They come highly recommended […]