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Automated Phone Interviews? That Can’t Be!

Automated phone interviews are on the rise. Are you prepared to talk to a robot? Strange as it may sound, some employers are automating their interview process right down to those initial phone screening interviews. Why do they do this? The main reasons seem to be speed and efficiency. WHAT’S […]

How Emerging Technologies Can Improve The Hiring And Retention Process

by Jessica Fender, guest writer Check out the latest on technology and the hiring process.  The rapid development of the IT industry has influenced all spheres of modern business and provided great opportunities for productivity growth. Emerging technologies allow companies to optimize the hiring and retention processes. Today, organizations can stop […]

CVs Versus Resumes, Plus a “New” Thing to Consider

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between CVs and resumes, you’re not alone. Here are the basics, along with links to more information and a few words on something you need to keep in mind when working with either one. THE MAJOR DIFFERENCES IN CVs VERSUS RESUMES CVs: • […]