4 Steps to Impress in an Interview for Your Dream Job

Well, congratulations! You’ve landed an interview for your dream job. Life is amazing, right? Well, chances are life would be even more amazing if you actually got the job. Well, at this point, it’s show time. You have to do your best to impress the interviewer and make sure you get a start date. There’s a lot on the line and you don’t want to succumb to nervousness and unpreparedness. There are a few ways you can make sure you impress the interviewer and stand as a star employee the company would love to bring on board.


Confidence is a very attractive trait. Confidence exudes power and assuredness. When you’re representing a company, they want to know that you’ll represent them well. Walk in and give a solid, firm handshake. Stand tall with your shoulders back. Smile and be relaxed. Take your time to answer questions and try not to be flustered.


There’s nothing worse than getting to an interview and feeling unprepared. When you’re unprepared, you appear unreliable and flustered. To combat this, take a look at typical questions employers ask at an interview and anticipate them being asked. Prepare thorough yet concise answers and memorize them. When many small business owners try to drum up more business for their companies, they usually have a quick elevator pitch prepared. If you haven’t already done so, create your own personal elevator pitch for the interview. It needs to communicate who you are and why you’re in the room.

Physical Appearance

Even though looks aren’t everything, they play a role. People do judge you by your looks. For an interview, it’s best to dress in business attire. Make sure the clothing is clean, fits well and looks professional. Keep makeup and jewelry subtle. Make sure you’re well-groomed. Hair should be well-styled and clean. If your teeth are discolored, consider getting your teeth whitening done. These details will make a big deal in the overall look.

Be Service-Minded

Approach the interview with the mindset of service. Your main motive should revolve around how you can serve the company to the best of your ability. Even though you should have a clear understanding of what you want from this interview, don’t lead with it. You’re in the position where you need to prove that you’d be an asset to the company.

Do your best to nail these four areas and do your best to be positive. When a person is happy, excited and exudes positive, they become even more attractive and interesting. As long as you commit to the process and do your best, you’ll be fine!


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