4 Serious Careers You Can Begin without a 4-Year Degree

Contrary to popular belief, there are serious careers to be had without getting a bachelor’s degree. In fact, some of these jobs don’t require a degree at all, although in some cases an associate’s degree may be helpful or even necessary. If you aren’t interested in pursuing a four-year degree and want to know what your job options are, here are four good choices.

Web Developer or Programmer

You don’t need a computer science degree to find work as a web developer or programmer. For this profession, skill and having a portfolio of impressive past work are more important than formal training is. You can even work for yourself from the very beginning and find success as a freelancer. You may also choose to get an associate’s degree in web design, computer science or other related occupation. Web developers are expected to be in high demand in the future, with the BLS projecting a 15% growth rate through 2026.

Truck Driver

There are two types of truckers: owner operators and fleet drivers. Fleet drivers work for a trucking company while owner operators own their truck and work for themselves. Owner operators must purchase and maintain their own equipment, so considering a used freightliner truck from Arrow Truck Sales is a possibility. To become a truck driver, you usually need a high school diploma and to have taken a CDL training course to get your CDL license.


If law is a field you are interested in but you don’t want to become a lawyer, becoming a paralegal is a solid alternative. Paralegals actually perform much of the same work that attorneys do. They draft documents, interview witnesses and conduct research. You can become a paralegal with an associate’s degree in paralegal studies.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents manage the buying and selling of property. They can work for themselves or for a larger real estate firm. They are paid on a commission basis, so the more successful you are at selling, and the higher the value of the properties, the more money you will make. The top real estate agents can make six-figure salaries annually, and the occupation requires nothing more than a high school diploma and a license.

If you are skilled and can gain some experience, there are good jobs to be had without having a degree at all. There are even more options if you are planning to secure an associate’s degree. If you would prefer these careers over more education-heavy alternatives, choosing to pursue them will save you both time and money.


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